Introducing the world of limitless creativity in home design – welcome to the realm of free 3D Home Plan Software! Unleash your imagination and transform your vision into tangible reality with this innovative tool that puts the power of architectural design at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a seasoned architect, a passionate homeowner, or someone simply looking to explore the possibilities of your living space, this home design software offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform for crafting your dream home.

Free 3D Home Plan Software

Say goodbye to traditional two-dimensional blueprints and embrace the immersive experience of three-dimensional design. Visualize every nook and cranny of your future abode as you navigate through the intricacies of floor plans, room layouts, and interior decor.

The software empowers you to experiment with various architectural styles, materials, and color schemes, allowing you to fine-tune your design until it perfectly aligns with your unique tastes and preferences.

What is 3D Home Plan Software

3D Home Plan Software is a computer-based application designed to assist users in creating detailed and visually immersive three-dimensional representations of architectural plans for residential spaces. This type of software is specifically crafted to help homeowners, architects, interior designers, and enthusiasts conceptualize and plan the layout, design, and decor of homes in a virtual environment.

Key features of 3D Home Plan Software typically include:

  • Visualization Tools: The software allows users to create and view three-dimensional models of their homes. This immersive experience enables better understanding and visualization of spatial relationships, proportions, and design elements.
  • Floor Planning: Users can design and customize floor plans, arranging rooms, doors, windows, and other architectural elements with ease. This feature helps in optimizing the use of space and planning functional layouts.
  • Interior Design: Users can experiment with various interior design elements such as furniture placement, color schemes, and decor options. This enables a comprehensive exploration of design possibilities and aesthetics.
  • Realistic Rendering: High-quality rendering capabilities provide realistic visualizations of the designed spaces, allowing users to get a sense of how the finished home will look.
  • Measurement and Scaling: The home design software often includes tools for accurate measurement and scaling, ensuring that users can maintain precision in their designs and layouts.
  • Collaboration: Some 3D Home Plan Software allows for collaboration, letting users share their designs with others, whether it be with clients, collaborators, or family members, facilitating input and feedback.
  • Cost Estimation: Some advanced software may include features to estimate the costs associated with the construction or renovation based on the design elements and materials chosen.

Whether used by professionals in the field of architecture and interior design or by individuals planning their own homes, 3D Home Plan Software provides a valuable platform for turning conceptual ideas into tangible and visually appealing representations. It is a tool that blends creativity with practicality, aiding in the visualization and planning stages of residential construction or renovation projects.

Top Free 3D Home Plan Software

This 3D Home Plan Software goes beyond aesthetics. It provides practical features for precise measurements, ensuring your design is not only beautiful but also functional. Collaborate seamlessly with architects, designers, or family members as you share your virtual creation, making the planning process an enjoyable and collaborative experience.

The learning curve is gentle, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned design enthusiasts. From the initial sketch to the final walkthrough, the software guides you through each step, fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment in your ability to shape your living space.

Embrace the future of home design without breaking the bank – this 3D Home Plan Software is not only powerful but also free. Elevate your design game, unlock your creativity, and embark on a journey to manifest the home you’ve always envisioned. The only limit is your imagination – let the design adventure begin!

Planner 5D

Planner 5D stands out as the most aesthetically pleasing 3D Home Plan Software. Similar to the free version of SketchUp, this tool provides an immersive experience, allowing users to virtually explore their designs as if standing on the ground.

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Planner 5D offers the flexibility to start from scratch or utilize templates, making it ideal for quickly creating floor plans without the need for extensive time or design expertise. An added advantage is its compatibility with iOS, enabling users to craft plans on the go using their iPhone or iPad.

Getting started is a breeze. Begin by adjusting floor shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Easily incorporate furniture and accessories, switch to 3D mode, and seamlessly add windows and doors. For those with a more ambitious vision, the software allows the addition of second floors and roofs.

However, using in-app furniture may become pricey for anything beyond the most basic beds, chairs, or sofas. Planner 5D empowers users to customize every aspect of their designs, from color to texture.

When it’s time to share your vision, the software allows you to print your plans in a photorealistic format. While experts highlight the potential expense of in-app furniture, the overall consensus is that Planner 5D is a visually appealing and user-friendly tool for home design enthusiasts.


SketchUp has been described as the most comprehensive free 3D Home Plan Software available online. This robust home design tool offers an immersive experience, allowing users to navigate through their envisioned spaces as if already in their future homes. Simultaneously, it maintains the flexibility of working with the ease of pen and paper.

The SketchUp free version caters to hobbyists, making it an excellent choice for those exploring design for personal projects. On the other hand, the pro version is tailored for professionals in fields such as architecture, construction, engineering, and commercial interior design, offering advanced features for their specific needs.

Whether you’re planning a home extension, conceptualizing a treehouse, or envisioning your debut on a show like Grand Designs, SketchUp’s thoroughness empowers you to breathe life into every aspect of your design. Its versatility and user-friendly interface make it a go-to choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals looking to bring their creative visions to fruition in the world of 3D design.


SmartDraw emerges as a formidable player in the realm of 3D Home Plan Software, offering a powerful tool for floor planning. Its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for all, catering to beginners while also providing advanced features for more seasoned designers tackling intricate projects.

Learning the ropes of SmartDraw is a breeze, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their skill level, can harness its capabilities. The software strikes a balance by accommodating both those new to design and professionals seeking sophisticated functionalities.

Dive into a world of design possibilities with SmartDraw’s extensive library, featuring a vast array of furniture, cars, building materials, and a plethora of templates and floor plan examples. This abundance allows users to explore countless design options and layouts for their new spaces, fostering creativity and adaptability.

However, it’s essential to note that SmartDraw’s free access is limited to the first seven days. If you anticipate using the tool for an extended period or across multiple projects, considering the upgrade might be a prudent choice. Despite this limitation, SmartDraw remains a robust and versatile solution for those seeking a comprehensive 3D Home Plan Software to bring their design visions to life.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Roomstyler stands out as a highly likable 3D Home Plan Software, sharing similarities with HomeByMe in terms of its user-friendly nature. The software’s intuitive design is so user-friendly that the need for tutorial videos is almost eliminated, adding to its appeal.

Notably, Roomstyler distinguishes itself by providing tutorial videos for nearly every conceivable question, offering comprehensive guidance for users at every step. One of the standout features of Roomstyler is its remarkable efficiency – customizing a room can be accomplished within a matter of minutes.

This efficiency streamlines the design process, making it accessible and enjoyable for users of all levels of expertise. A significant advantage of Roomstyler is its integration with real brands, allowing users to furnish their virtual spaces with products from these brands.

This unique feature not only enhances the realism of the designs but also enables users to “shop the look” when they are ready to bring their designs to life. Roomstyler’s ease of use, extensive tutorial support, and integration with real brands make it a highly attractive choice among home design tools.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, Roomstyler provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for bringing your design ideas to fruition in the world of 3D home planning.


HomeByMe stands out as one of our preferred choices among 3D Home Plan Software. One distinctive feature that sets it apart is its genuinely free nature – all of its features are accessible without hidden costs.

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The software operates by incorporating products from various brands into its catalog, allowing users to furnish and decorate their homes with actual, real-world products. This unique approach ensures that users can envision and plan their designs comprehensively, right down to the specific furniture and decorations they intend to use.

A notable advantage of HomeByMe is its seamless transition between 2D and 3D modes. Once the floor plan is completed and the look and feel of each room are designed, users can effortlessly switch between the two dimensions.

Alternatively, starting with décor choices and generating a comprehensive floor plan with all selected furniture and appliances in their designated places is equally convenient. Similar to Planner 5D, HomeByMe offers a user-friendly experience that caters to both novices and seasoned designers.

Its commitment to providing a genuinely free platform with access to a diverse range of actual products makes it an attractive and practical choice for those looking to bring their home design visions to life in a virtual space.

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D stands out with its automatic generation of 3D visualizations once a floor plan is drawn, elevating the home design experience. Its extensive library of internal objects encompasses a variety of elements such as kitchen sets, tables, chairs, windows, sofas, and staircases, offering a comprehensive range for users to incorporate into their designs.

A notable feature of Live Home 3D is its seamless integration with Trimble 3D, enabling designers to easily download missing 3D models from online storage. This integration enhances the software’s versatility and ensures that users have access to an extensive repository of 3D models to enrich their designs.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, Live Home 3D allows projects to be exported in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. As a bonus, users can capture panorama images and create 3D walkthrough videos, adding an immersive dimension to their design presentations.

Highlighted as “very helpful in home design planning,” Live Home 3D not only facilitates the visualization of designs but also allows for easy sharing in different modes. The software’s editing capabilities further enhance its utility, making it a valuable tool for individuals engaged in home design projects.


RoomSketcher stands out as an intuitive and user-friendly home design and floor planning tool, offering a plethora of features that can bring your daydreams to life. While its capabilities extend to creating 3D visualizations for various industries, it particularly shines for real estate professionals.

Users appreciate the flexibility RoomSketcher provides, allowing them to effortlessly add or remove furniture, reposition walls, doors, and more. The standout feature, a 3D walk-through, is hailed as a significant advantage.

This immersive experience has proven invaluable for those working on house plans, enabling them to make informed changes to the floor plan based on what they observe during the walk-through. The positive user testimonials emphasize the software’s practicality for those involved in building new houses or undertaking home renovations.

However, it’s important to note some limitations mentioned by users. RoomSketcher currently faces constraints with accommodating all varieties of vaulted ceilings, which could be perceived as a restriction in the contemporary context.

Additionally, users express a desire for updates to flooring and wall finishing options to enhance the software’s overall functionality. RoomSketcher is praised for its ease of use and valuable features, particularly the 3D walk-through.

While it caters well to certain design needs, the user feedback also highlights areas where improvements could further elevate its utility in the competitive realm of 3D Home Plan Software.

Chief Architect Interiors

Chief Architect Interiors stands out as a specialized 3D Home Plan Software tailored for interior design professionals, offering in-depth tools for intricate details such as bath and kitchen designs. Versatile for both new construction and remodeling projects, Chief Architect Interiors harnesses the power of 3D visualization and construction drawings to provide a comprehensive platform.

One of its notable features is an extensive library boasting thousands of appliances, cabinets, furnishings, and textures. This library facilitates the creation of realistic views of projects, aiding designers in visualizing the outcome.

The software’s 3D rendering and animation tools prove invaluable, allowing users to anticipate project results and witness the finished look in advance. Users praise Chief Architect Interiors as a great tool for implementing design ideas, offering efficiency from project inception to completion.

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The built-in tools simplify tasks such as picking and dropping items, editing layouts, adding suppliers, and incorporating cost sheets for budgeting purposes. While the software receives acclaim for its vast library of assets that can be imported, some users mention limitations regarding the drawing of full plans.

Despite this feedback, Chief Architect Interiors is commended for providing a robust platform that enhances the creative design process, offering endless possibilities for interior design professionals to bring their visions to life.

In Conclusion

The world of 3D Home Plan Software offers a diverse range of tools catering to various needs and preferences. Each software mentioned has its unique strengths, making it suitable for different users, from hobbyists to professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, and real estate.

Planner 5D and HomeByMe stand out for their user-friendly interfaces and the ability to access a wide range of real-world products for furnishing and decorating spaces. Roomstyler impresses with its ease of use and extensive tutorial support, while Live Home 3D shines with its automatic 3D visualizations and integration with Trimble 3D.

Chief Architect Interiors caters specifically to interior design professionals, providing powerful tools for detailed projects, including bath and kitchen designs. On the other hand, SmartDraw offers versatility with its extensive library and collaboration features.

While each software has its strengths, it’s essential to consider individual preferences, project requirements, and any specific limitations mentioned by users. Whether envisioning a dream home, planning a renovation, or collaborating on professional projects, the variety of 3D Home Plan Software options ensures there’s a suitable tool for every design journey.


How to Make a 3D Model of a House for Free?

With the 3D plan software Kozikaza, effortlessly transform an existing 2D architect’s plan into a detailed 3D representation of your house or apartment, all at no cost. Starting from a blank plan, simply measure your room, draw it in 2D, and with just one click, seamlessly transition to a 3D view for decorating and arranging the space.

Is there a Free App to Draw House Plans?

RoomSketcher emerges as a versatile floor plan and home design software solution, catering to the needs of the real estate and interior design industries. This application is laden with features that facilitate the creation of plans and 3D home visualizations. The platform provides a free plan tailored for individual users, albeit with a restricted furniture library.

Is SketchUp Online Free?

SketchUp Free stands out as the most straightforward and no-strings-attached 3D modeling software available online. Easily bring your 3D designs to the web, ensuring your SketchUp projects are accessible wherever you go. This software embraces simplicity, emphasizing that you don’t require an abundance of features to draw in 3D—just your idea and the space to draw.

Which Software is Used for 3D Home Design?

Cedreo stands as a 3D home design software tailored for home builders, interior designers, and remodeling professionals. This user-friendly and efficient solution is designed to boost sales, requiring only one hour to generate a 3D floor plan and lifelike 3D renderings. With Cedreo, you can independently design home plans, making the process simple and fast.

Which Software is Used for 3D Building Design?

Autodesk Revit stands as a premier Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, facilitating collaborative work for designers, architects, and engineers. This powerful tool seamlessly integrates 2D and 3D modeling, analysis, simulation, and document creation. Its comprehensive capabilities enable users to cover most stages of building design and implementation within a single platform.

Which is Better CAD or SketchUp?

Architects and engineers seeking to develop floor plans or blueprints often opt for AutoCAD, a longstanding standard-bearer in the field for over four decades. Although historically known for its excellence, AutoCAD was considered relatively expensive. On the other hand, graphic designers, filmmakers, and product engineers are likely to choose SketchUp for its remarkable 3D capabilities.


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