Ebikeme Adowei launched the Janet Adowei Memorial Scrabble Classics tournament in 2020 as a touching tribute to his late mother. For Adowei, this competition is not just a commemoration, but also a dedicated effort to maintain and revitalize the love for Scrabble, identify upcoming talents, and foster a sense of healthy rivalry throughout the country.

Reflecting on the preceding event held in Lagos last year, it was George Ezinore who emerged triumphant, securing a well-deserved victory. The success of the previous edition underscores the tournament’s ability not only to commemorate Janet Adowei’s legacy but also to create a dynamic platform for Scrabble enthusiasts, propelling the game to new heights of popularity and excellence.

4th Adowei Scrabble Classics

As the event gains momentum, it goes beyond being just a competition and transforms into a lively celebration of language, strategy, and camaraderie. With each passing year, the Janet Adowei Memorial Scrabble Classics cements its position as a beacon for Scrabble enthusiasts, bringing them together in the shared delight of wordplay and strategic prowess.

Understanding Scrabble Classics?

Scrabble Classics usually refers to the conventional and widely recognized version of the Scrabble word game. In this classic variant, players use letter tiles to create words on the game board, earning points based on the letters used and their placement. The objective is to score the highest number of points by strategically forming words.

The game involves a combination of vocabulary skills, strategic thinking, and a bit of luck, as players draw tiles randomly from the bag. Scrabble Classics remains a popular and enduring board game enjoyed by people worldwide.

The benefits of playing Scrabble Classics include

  • Vocabulary Expansion: Playing Scrabble regularly exposes players to a wide range of words, helping them expand and enhance their vocabulary.
  • Cognitive Skills: The game requires strategic thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving, promoting the development of cognitive skills.
  • Language Skills: Scrabble encourages a deeper understanding of language rules, word structure, and spelling, contributing to improved language skills.
  • Social Interaction: Scrabble is a social game that fosters interaction and communication among players, promoting a sense of camaraderie.
  • Critical Thinking: The need to maximize points and anticipate opponents’ moves enhances critical thinking skills and decision-making abilities.
  • Educational Value: Scrabble is often used as an educational tool in schools to reinforce spelling and language skills in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Entertainment: Beyond its educational benefits, Scrabble Classics provides entertainment and enjoyment for players of all ages.
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In essence, Scrabble Classics not only offers a fun and challenging gaming experience but also serves as an effective tool for intellectual and educational development.

How Ryan Jacob won the Janet Adowei Scrabble Classics

In a remarkable display of skill, Ryan Jacob, hailing from Akwa Ibom state, secured his position as the fourth consecutive winner of the annual Janet Adowei Scrabble Classics held in Lagos. Jacob’s ascent to victory was highlighted by a stellar performance, amassing an impressive 14 wins, including a decisive triumph over Olufemi Gbadebo from Ogun State in Round 17.

4th Adowei Scrabble Classics

The achievement earned him the coveted cash prize of N500,000. Grateful for the support from his home state, Jacob expressed appreciation for the preparation that contributed to his success in the tournament.

  • “I was surprised by this victory! Firstly, I want to thank God for this success and secondly, my training program is being supported by the Akwa Ibom State Governor Umo Eno.

This tournament wasn’t easy but it was just God’s grace and training that took me through. I also appreciate Engr. Adowei for using the anniversary of his mother to bring players together for a good tournament.”

Adowei Scrabble Classics: Top Finishes, Cash Prizes

Cyril Umebiye, Wasiu Hassan, and Joseph Okere secured the second, third, and fourth spots, earning 300,000, 200,000, and 130,000 naira, respectively, in the 74-player tournament. Notably, six other players within the top 10 also received substantial cash prizes.

In other notable achievements, Abiola Oyinloye claimed the title of the best intermediate player, while Emeka Idomele was honored as the best Open player. Adebisi Adekansi emerged as the top female player.

Engr Adowei, the immediate past President of the Lekki Scrabble Club, expressed elation and satisfaction with the tournament’s significant impact on the sport in the country.

“I’m very elated to see my Scrabble friends come around to honor me, I’m very satisfied. This tournament is dedicated to my Mum who supported me in playing the game. I’m very pleased with the number of players who turned up. We decided to make it open so that it can spur many other young talents to get engaged meaningfully and also give them fame both at the national and international levels. I’m happy with the turnout at this edition of JAMSC.”

In Conclusion

Ebikeme Adowei orchestrated the event with the dual purpose of not only fostering awareness about Scrabble but also inspiring the younger generation to delve into the game. Recognizing that involvement in Scrabble can significantly contribute to the intellectual development of players, Adowei envisioned the tournament as a catalyst for enhancing cognitive capacities.

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Driven by an unwavering passion for Scrabble, Adowei has consistently lent his support to various Scrabble events, deploying his resources and influence to elevate the status of the sport in Nigeria. His commitment extends beyond the organization of this particular event, reflecting a broader dedication to seeing Scrabble recognized and respected on a national scale.

In light of this, Adowei extends a heartfelt call to parents, urging them to play a pivotal role in encouraging their children to embrace Scrabble. Recognizing the formative stage as a critical period for learning and skill development, he emphasizes the game’s potential to not only entertain but also to sharpen cognitive abilities. By instilling a love for Scrabble from a young age, parents can contribute significantly to their wards’ overall learning capabilities, setting them on a path to intellectual growth and academic success.


How Do You Play Classic Scrabble?

In classic Scrabble, players use letter tiles to create words on the game board, aiming to score points based on letter values and strategic placement. Each player draws tiles to start and replenishes them after each turn. The game continues until all tiles are used or players cannot make a valid move. Points accumulate, and the player with the highest score at the end wins.

What are the Educational Benefits of Scrabble?

Despite all the elements involved, Scrabble fundamentally challenges your critical thinking abilities. Beyond word-finding, mathematical calculations, and grasping board geometry, the game serves as a robust exercise for honing critical thinking skills.

This emphasis on critical thinking makes Scrabble not only enjoyable but also an effective educational tool, especially for children.

What Skills Does Scrabble Work on?

Engaging in competitive Scrabble offers more than just an expansion of your vocabulary. It provides substantial benefits for cognition, memory, strategy, and analytical skills. Interestingly, individuals with a solid foundation in mathematics or proficiency in chess often discover ease in transferring these skills to the gameplay of Scrabble. The game serves as a multifaceted platform for intellectual development and the honing of strategic thinking.

How Many Players Can Play Scrabble?

SCRABBLE® is a word game designed for 2, 3, or 4 players. The gameplay involves creating interlocking words in a crossword-style on the SCRABBLE® playing board. This is achieved by utilizing letter tiles, each assigned various score values. The primary objective of the game is to attain the highest score possible.

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What is the Main Objective of the Game Scrabble?

In this timeless board game, the primary goal is to skillfully construct an array of words by strategically placing individual letters onto the designated game board. The challenge lies in not only forming words but also maximizing their quantity, requiring players to employ their linguistic prowess and tactical acumen.

As participants take turns crafting words, the dynamic interplay between vocabulary, placement, and board strategy unfolds, making it a captivating and intellectually stimulating experience.

Is Scrabble a Skill or Luck?

Scrabble is a game that blends elements of skill and luck. Skill comes into play when you know the words available to you and, more crucially, when you strategically determine the most advantageous ways to play them. However, the element of luck introduces itself through the random draw of tiles from the bag.

Drawing a rack with an abundance of a particular letter, such as four I’s, can pose a challenge, leaving players to navigate the game with the tiles they’ve been dealt. The interplay of skill and luck adds an unpredictable and dynamic dimension to the Scrabble experience.

Can You Play Names in Scrabble?

The rules of the word game Scrabble are undergoing a historic change, marking the first time in its history that the use of proper nouns will be permitted. This modification means that place names, people’s names, and company names or brands will now be acceptable in the game.


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