Auburn University offers scholarships for undergraduate students to support their education. These scholarships provide financial assistance to eligible students, helping them pursue their academic goals. To apply for these scholarships, students can use the Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM) online platform.

This user-friendly system allows students to easily search for available scholarships, review requirements, and submit their applications. It’s a great opportunity for students to access financial support and make their education more affordable.

Auburn University Scholarships

Several Auburn University scholarships are accessible to students pursuing the Business-Engineering-Technology minor, and they are detailed below.

  • Thomely Scholarship: This scholarship is granted to two outstanding students each from the engineering and business disciplines. It aims to recognize and support the academic achievements and potential of these individuals as they pursue their studies at Auburn University.
  • Accenture High-Performance B-E-T Scholarship: This scholarship is specifically designed for two students enrolled in the Business-Engineering-Technology (B-E-T) program. The award aims to acknowledge and encourage excellence in the interdisciplinary fields covered by the B-E-T curriculum.
  • Cavan C. Tubbs Memorial B-E-T Scholarship: An annual scholarship bestowed upon a senior student in the Business-Engineering-Technology program during the fall term. This scholarship honors the memory of Cavan C. Tubbs, emphasizing the university’s commitment to supporting the academic endeavors of B-E-T students and fostering their success.

Getting Started with the Auburn University Scholarships

Accepted incoming students are required to access AUSOM within AU Access after being admitted. To initiate this, incoming students must activate their user account before logging in. The User Name provided in the acceptance letter is essential for this activation process.

For accepted students, AUSOM is accessible through the “Admitted Students” section in AU Access. Additionally, for accepted students who have submitted the enrollment deposit, AUSOM can be found under “My Finances” in AU Access. Current students should access AUSOM through the “My Finances” section within AU Access.

List of Auburn University Scholarships

You can discover a comprehensive list of available scholarship opportunities by accessing the Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM). Students have the option to explore all scholarships or conduct searches using keywords or phrases. To initiate a search, navigate to “All” scholarships and apply filters using common keywords or phrases associated with:

  • Geographic location
  • College
  • Academic major
  • Financial need
  • Pell grant
  • First generation

Using this approach, you gain the flexibility to customize your search for scholarships, enabling you to pinpoint opportunities that closely align with your specific criteria or personal preferences. This tailored approach empowers you to efficiently navigate the multitude of scholarship options available, ensuring that the scholarships you pursue are not only relevant to your academic and personal goals but also provide the best possible fit for your unique qualifications and aspirations.

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Whether it’s academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, or other distinctive qualities, this personalized search strategy allows you to identify and apply for scholarships that truly resonate with your profile and ambitions.

Auburn University Scholarships Consideration

The Auburn University scholarship application for the academic year 2024-25 will become available on November 1. Both incoming students with an admission acceptance and current students are required to complete the scholarship application through AUSOM by February 15 to be considered for general and departmental scholarships.

For first-year students, a fully completed admission application file, including all necessary documents, must be received by December 1 for Early Action admission and scholarship consideration.

Students enrolled in the nursing or veterinary medicine professional program, or those in the pharmacy professional program, should complete the scholarship application through AUSOM by June 1 to be considered for departmental scholarships.

Financial need, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), may be taken into account during scholarship awarding. To be eligible for need-based scholarships, the FAFSA must be received by February 15.

Students chosen for financial need verification will not be eligible for need-based scholarships if the verification process remains incomplete. It’s important to note that the FAFSA is the sole form required for students seeking assistance from any of the Title IV, HEA programs.

Any additional information needed for eligibility will be communicated after the FAFSA results are received and can be found on the student’s My Finances Financial Aid Requirements page. For more details, please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

Student Eligibility

The General Application is accessible to individuals with an AU Access login, including students, faculty, and staff. Generally, scholarship consideration is limited to undergraduate students pursuing their first undergraduate degree. The following student types are ineligible for scholarship consideration:

EAGLES participants are encouraged to reach out to the College of Education to inquire about scholarship eligibility. Similarly, RN-BSN students should contact the College of Nursing for information on scholarship eligibility.

Auburn University Scholarships Application Types

To be considered for general scholarships offered by the Office of University Scholarships and departmental scholarships from academic colleges, all students are required to complete the General Application. For some, this comprehensive application is the sole requirement for Auburn University scholarship consideration.

Additionally, certain colleges may have a Supplemental Application tailored for students within that specific college. Upon completing the General Application, eligible students will be seamlessly directed to this Supplemental Application.

In some cases, there are specific scholarships based on student interest or affiliation that necessitate a Supplemental Application for further consideration. Students can express their interest during the General Application process, and if applicable, will be guided to the relevant Supplemental Application(s) after completing the General Application.

Upon completion of both the General Application and any Supplemental Applications, students will be automatically considered for scholarships aligning with their eligibility criteria. A confirmation email will be sent to their Auburn email address to acknowledge the completion of the General Application and any associated Supplemental Applications.

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For Recommended Opportunities, which constitute less than 3% of scholarships awarded through AUSOM, students who have finished the General Application and Supplemental Applications are encouraged to explore the suggested list of Recommended Opportunities.

Providing the requested information will ensure consideration for these specific scholarships. Subsequent confirmation emails for each Completed Recommended Opportunity application will be sent to the student’s Auburn email address.

Completion of Auburn University Scholarship Applications

For optimal functionality on AUSOM, it is recommended to use the latest releases of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Required Fields

Students are urged to respond or request information to the best of their ability. Required questions are marked with an asterisk (*) and must be completed for successful application submission.

Resume Writing

The resume offers students an opportunity to highlight their activities, experiences, honors, and service. Resume writing tips can be found on Auburn University’s Career Center page. Students without a resume may utilize the provided Resume Template.

Resumes should be saved in Word or PDF format, as other file types may not be viewable. The filename can include alphanumeric characters, dashes, periods, and underscores.

Veteran and Parent Information

  • Veterans: If you are a veteran or veteran dependent, you may be asked to provide information about your service or your parent’s service for certain scholarships.
  • Company Scholarship: If your parent works for a company providing a scholarship through Auburn University, you may need to provide your parent’s name and proof of employment.
  • Alumni Scholarship: If your parent is an Auburn University alum, you might be asked for your parent’s name, address, and graduation year for alumni-dependent scholarships.
  • Reviewing Profile Information

Information previously submitted to Auburn University, such as ACT or SAT scores, transcripts, and academic major, is automatically included in the application. Students should check the “Applicant Record” tab to ensure accuracy. While the profile information will be initially blank, it will populate after starting and saving the application.

  • Incoming Students: For those starting their academic journey, information is imported from the admission application. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for corrections or updates.
  • Current Students: Information is imported from the current student record. Contact the Office of the Registrar for corrections or updates.
  • Submitting an Application

If more time is needed or a review before submission is planned, select “Save and Keep Editing” and return later. When ready to submit, click “Finish and Submit.” Applications can be updated anytime before the deadline. Upon completion, students will receive a confirmation email at their Auburn email address.

Scholarship Response

Students who have received a scholarship offer are required to respond to the offer through AUSOM. To review and take action on the scholarship offer:

  • Log in to AU Access.
  • Choose either “Admitted Students” or “My Finances” and click on the AUSOM graphic.
  • Within the “Needs Attention” section on the “My Applications” tab, select the scholarship name on the tile.
  • After reviewing the Offer Letter, choose either ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ to confirm your decision.
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Future giving by donors can be positively influenced when they are aware of the impact their scholarship has on the recipient. Once a student accepts a scholarship, there is a possibility that they may be asked to complete a student profile questionnaire.

This questionnaire serves as a means for the student to share information about themselves with the scholarship donor, helping to establish a connection and showcase the meaningful impact of the scholarship on their academic journey.


Does Auburn University give Scholarships to International Students?

The International Student Scholarships are available for both incoming and current international students. Whether at the Undergraduate or Graduate level, students who pay full out-of-state tuition are eligible to apply for scholarships ranging in value from $2,000 to $10,000.

What GPA Do You Need for Auburn Scholarships?

Certain need-based scholarships are accessible for four years. To qualify for scholarship renewal in the subsequent academic year, eligibility is assessed after the spring semester. Students seeking renewal must maintain a minimum unadjusted Auburn GPA of 3.0 for consideration.

Which Fully Funded Scholarship is Easiest to Get?

Fulbright Scholarships are widely recognized as some of the most prestigious and accessible scholarships in the United States for international students. These fully-funded scholarships are exclusively available to Master’s and Ph.D. students.

Do International Students Get Scholarships in USA Undergraduate?

If you are an international student, you may qualify for scholarships provided by universities in your home country or by universities in the United States. The most effective way to learn about the scholarships accessible to international students is to directly reach out to the university for information and guidance.

What is Auburn University’s Acceptance Rate?

Auburn University follows a selective admission process, with an acceptance rate of 44%. Successful applicants typically present an SAT score ranging from 1240 to 1370 or an ACT score between 24 and 30. Regular applications for admission must be submitted by February 3.

Does Auburn Require SAT?

Auburn University is a test-preferred institution, and it is recommended that students take and submit official ACT and SAT scores for admissions. Freshman admission is primarily evaluated based on high school courses, grades, and academic rigor.

Which University Gives the Most Scholarships?

Vassar College, located in Poughkeepsie, New York, is a private liberal arts college. Over 60% of its students receive financial aid, and the institution commits to meeting 100% of need-based aid for all admitted students. In the 2020-21 academic year, financial assistance was extended to students with family incomes of up to $270,000.


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