Experienced individuals with business expertise are sought to contribute to the flourishing Canadian economy, and a multitude of opportunities are available for them. Your next move in business immigration endeavors is ready to be facilitated by our team of experts.

Investors, business managers, and entrepreneurs of various backgrounds and sizes are constantly welcomed by the Government of Canada. If you are interested in settling in Canada and exploring new opportunities, you are encouraged to apply for a variety of fast-tracked Business Immigration Programs.

Canada Business Immigration Programs

Your valuable experience and business expertise can serve as assets to invest in your future within Canada’s rapidly expanding and diverse economy.

Guide to Canada Business Immigration Programs

Step-by-step guidance through the immigration process, from eligibility assessment to attaining permanent residency, will be provided by an expert business immigration team. First-class support will be offered, allowing you to redirect your focus back to your business.

Federal Business Immigration Programs

Explore the array of Federal Business Immigration Programs tailored to accommodate a diverse range of aspirations. Whether you envision yourself as a self-employed professional, aspire to initiate or expand a business venture in Canada, or seek to harness your net worth to contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy, these programs are meticulously crafted.

They are specifically intended to align with the skills and experiences of accomplished business individuals desiring to establish their settlement in any province across Canada, except Quebec. These programs offer a pathway for successful business persons to seamlessly integrate their expertise and contribute to the dynamic economic landscape of the nation.

Quebec Business Immigration Programs

Quebec extends a welcoming invitation to business immigrants, offering a diverse selection of Self-Employed, Investor, and Entrepreneur Immigration Programs. Tailored to stimulate economic growth and generate job opportunities at the provincial level, Quebec’s distinctive Business Immigration Programs present an excellent opportunity for prospective newcomers seeking entrepreneurial diversity.

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Whether you are a self-employed individual, an investor looking to contribute to the economy, or an entrepreneur with innovative ideas, Quebec’s programs provide a pathway for individuals to make a meaningful impact on the province’s economic landscape.

Provincial Nominee Programs for Business

Business-minded individuals have the opportunity to explore Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) across various provinces and territories in Canada. These programs are designed to cater to candidates with entrepreneurial or management experience.

While the eligibility criteria and application procedures differ for each PNP stream, successful applicants typically receive a provincial nomination. This nomination often serves as a gateway for applicants to then apply for permanent residence at the federal level, providing a streamlined pathway for those with valuable business skills and experience to contribute to the Canadian economy.

Business Immigration Eligibility

If your net worth stands at a minimum of CAD 10 million, accumulated through legitimate business investment endeavors, such as involvement in a commercial, for-profit business, or engagement in private sector activities, you may meet the eligibility criteria for the Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program.

This unique initiative provides an opportunity for individuals with significant financial resources and a proven track record in business to explore investment pathways in Canada. Specifically designed for high-net-worth individuals, this program aims to attract those with substantial financial capabilities to contribute to the growth and development of the Canadian economy.

By participating in the Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, eligible candidates can explore avenues for impactful investments while potentially securing a pathway to immigration and permanent residence in Canada.

Business Immigration Programs Minimum Investment

For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to immigrate to Canada through the startup visa program, the process involves obtaining a minimum investment of $200,000 from an accredited organization or a minimum of $75,000 from a designated angel investor.

However, if your business gains acceptance into a business incubator program, the obligation to secure a specific investment is waived. This startup visa initiative is designed to attract innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs to contribute to the Canadian business landscape.

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The financial thresholds ensure a commitment to substantial investment, fostering the growth of entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, the option for business incubator participation offers a flexible pathway for entrepreneurs, providing an opportunity for support and development without the immediate requirement for a specified investment amount.

This approach aims to encourage a diverse range of entrepreneurs to explore and contribute to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada.

In Conclusion

If you are an entrepreneur or investor considering immigration to Canada, Canadim’s dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. To initiate the process, all you need to do is complete our complimentary assessment for business immigration.

Following your submission, a business associate affiliated with Attorney Dery will carefully review your eligibility and promptly reach out to you.

This personalized consultation aims to discuss your specific circumstances, providing you with valuable insights into the various immigration options available to entrepreneurs and investors. Canadim looks forward to guiding you on your journey towards realizing your business aspirations in Canada.


What is Business Immigration in Canada?

The Business Immigration Program is specifically crafted to promote and streamline the entry of individuals with business acumen. Both the federal and provincial/territorial governments actively embrace business immigrants, providing supportive services to assist them in initiating businesses and establishing their settlement in Canada.

How Much Money Required for Business Immigration to Canada?

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to immigrate to Canada through the startup visa program are required to obtain a minimum investment of $200,000 from an approved organization or a minimum of $75,000 from a designated angel investor.

However, if your business is accepted into a business incubator program, the necessity to secure a specific investment is waived. This approach provides flexibility and opportunities for a diverse range of entrepreneurs, encouraging innovation and growth within the Canadian business landscape.

What is the Age Limit for Business Immigration in Canada?

While there isn’t a specific age limit requirement for any Canadian immigration program, it’s noteworthy that in many categories of economic immigration, applicants aged 25-35 often receive the maximum points. However, this doesn’t imply that older applicants are excluded from consideration.

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The absence of a strict age limit underscores the inclusivity of Canadian immigration programs, ensuring that individuals of various age groups have the opportunity to be selected based on their qualifications and contributions to the country’s workforce and economy.

Can I Get a Work Permit with a Business Visa in Canada?

If you obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer while in Canada on a visitor visa, it is necessary to apply for a work permit before commencing employment.

What is the Cheapest Way to Immigrate to Canada?

The four most accessible provinces for immigration to Canada are Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Opting for a direct application to a Provincial Nominee Program is likely the most cost-effective method for immigrating to Canada. Indeed, it is possible to apply to both programs simultaneously.

Is it Easy to Get a Canada Business Visa?

The approval process for your business visa application can range from 1 to 8 months. The processing time is primarily contingent on the specific business immigration program you are applying to. Federal programs, on average, may take around 3 months, while provincial programs typically have a longer processing time, averaging approximately 8 months.

Who is Eligible for Business Visa in Canada?

To qualify, you need to have sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents for the duration of your stay. It is imperative to maintain a clean criminal record and exhibit good character, often requiring the submission of a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Additionally, meeting the government’s basic health requirements is a prerequisite for eligibility.


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