In the past, customer service didn’t require many qualifications, and recognition was mostly about having lots of experience. However, things have changed a lot. Nowadays, many companies insist that their customer service representatives have a certification in CX customer experience.

In today’s world of customer service, having a certification as a professional in CX customer experience is a valuable advantage. It looks impressive on your resume and can teach you advanced skills in customer experience, such as

CX Customer Experience Certification Programs
  • Understanding customer insights and social metrics
  • How to create new service initiatives.

This article will highlight some of the best programs for CX customer experience certification. It covers both general certification in customer experience and specific certification in customer experience management.

Best CX Customer Experience Certification Program

Here are some top-notch CX customer experience training programs and professional courses designed for both aspiring and seasoned customer experience professionals. Each program offers distinct avenues for skill development, and many come with accreditations that you can showcase to potential employers and clients.

Some may involve a CCXP exam, while others are primarily informative seminars meant for your benefit. We regard these as the premier options for CX customer experience certification, and this article will take the time to elaborate on the strengths of each. It will also guide you on how to determine which program aligns best with your needs and goals.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a wealth of knowledge and content on CX customer experience management and strategies to boost a company’s net promoter score. The seamless integration with your personal LinkedIn profile allows potential employers to view your ongoing efforts and accomplishments, instantly adding value to your resume upon completing any LinkedIn Learning course.

Who benefits the most?

These online courses are ideal for those who actively engage on LinkedIn, consistently refining their profiles, pursuing skill badges and endorsements, and sharing industry-specific articles. If you fall into this category, LinkedIn Learning is a natural progression for your professional development.

  • Cost: The courses are part of the monthly LinkedIn membership, priced at approximately $39.99 per month or $26.99 per month with a prepaid 12-month membership.
  • Modes of delivery: LinkedIn courses are delivered online through video recordings, assigned readings, and Q&A sessions. Any certification earned will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile upon completion and can also be printed for your records.

Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy is a trustworthy CX customer experience training provider that distinguishes itself by offering entirely free courses.

Covering a range of topics, including effective customer experience marketing, sales strategies, and real-world industry case studies, HubSpot Academy provides individual lessons such as Customer Success and Account Health Checks, along with Managing Your Sales to Customer Success Handoff—both excellent starting points.

Best suited for

This course is tailored for sales representatives and managers, focusing on applying customer experience principles to effectively connect with and explore sales leads.

  • Cost: The courses are entirely free. You can simply create an account without the need for a credit card.
  • Delivery format: Each course is available for online learning, featuring self-paced video seminars and quizzes to assess knowledge. Additionally, each course or lesson comes with an estimated completion time, providing clarity on the time commitment required for your learning journey.
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Udemy stands out as an online CX customer experience training provider offering a vast array of professional development programs facilitated by industry experts. With a collection exceeding 3000 courses focused on CX customer experience, Udemy covers everything from CX fundamentals to advanced strategies.

Among these, the Customer Experience Certification Workshop stands out as a high-quality option. Udemy’s extensive catalog ensures there’s truly “something for everyone,” featuring over a thousand courses.

The Customer Experience Certification Workshop is designed with beginners in mind. Meanwhile, other courses, led by CX experts in their respective fields, cater to advanced learners seeking in-depth insights and complex case studies.

  • Cost: The Customer Experience Certification Workshop is priced at approximately $110, with occasional highly discounted sales throughout the year. Individual course prices vary, typically ranging from $15 to $200.
  • Modes of delivery: Udemy courses are delivered online through video formats, supplemented with assignments to ensure a solid understanding of the content. This flexible online format allows learners to engage with the material at their own pace.

Bonfire Training

The customer service advantage course offers a comprehensive exploration of the soft skills necessary for delivering outstanding customer service. It delves into the significance of empathy, resilience, effective questioning, customer advocacy, adaptability, and persuasion, demonstrating how each can be leveraged to enhance the customer experience (CX).

The training is grounded in the principles of DISC, a behavioral assessment tool employed to enhance teamwork and comprehend diverse communication styles.

Best suited for

This CX course is most beneficial for teams, emphasizing a collective learning experience, whether on-site or in a remote setting. It is also a suitable choice for individuals who prefer in-person, on-site instruction over online-only training.

  • Cost: The cost varies based on the type of training sought. Remote training starts at $1,700 per session, eliminating travel costs for trainers. Online training comes with a variable fee, granting access to modules over 60 days. In-person training commences at $3,200 per day.
  • Modes of delivery: The course is available in multiple formats—online, in person, or through remote webinars. Regardless of the chosen format, upon completion, the team retains access to their trainer for continued support and addressing any lingering questions.

CX Skills

This foundational CX customer experience training course provides 18 hours of facilitated learning led by an experienced professional hired by the training provider. The curriculum focuses on imparting the six core Customer Experience (CX) management skills and techniques for enhancing a Net Promoter Score.

Furthermore, it covers material included in the CCXP exam, a requirement for the Certified Customer Experience Professional Association.

Best suited for

This program is tailored for CX leaders seeking continuously updated, real-time skill development rather than relying on pre-recorded video lectures that may be outdated. The in-person, scheduled format ensures adaptive training that can be adjusted to incorporate current events, industry news, and new case studies.

  • Cost: The price is set at AUD 1897 per person.
  • Delivery format: Courses are conducted online through the Zoom platform, with set times requiring advance registration to secure a spot in the session.

CX University

CX University is a comprehensive CX customer experience learning platform that provides a diverse range of accredited CX courses suitable for various academic pursuits. These courses can lead to certification as a customer experience representative or be applied as college credits towards a Bachelor’s degree or MBA at Moravian College.

Students have the flexibility to complete courses at their own pace, allowing for a mastery of core competencies in the CX industry. Additionally, CX University offers a free Net Promoter Score (NPS) eModule to help individuals identify areas for improvement.

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Best suited for

These courses are ideal for individuals entering the CX field or those pursuing master’s degrees or professional development. They cater to both individuals and teams seeking to enhance their CX capabilities.

  • Cost: Course costs are bundled and tiered, ranging from $50 up to $2400 depending on the specific focus. Certification exams are priced separately at $69. Periodic sales may offer discounts, making it worthwhile to check in regularly.
  • Delivery Mode: The courses are delivered online, with some having mandated time frames. While certain courses follow a structured timeline, allowing the class to progress together, others offer the flexibility for students to learn at their own speed.

Schulich School of Business

The Achieving Excellence in Customer Experience Management course places a strong emphasis on customer experience, emphasizing the importance of creating a system that leaves individuals feeling positive about the business at every touchpoint in their journey with the brand.

This certification program aims to cultivate brand loyalty and impart a strategic understanding of why Customer Experience (CX) is crucial. Professionals undertaking this course will learn how to center customers in the design and strategy of the overall experience. The training provider guides leaders in translating their core organizational beliefs into prioritizing customer experience.

Best suited for

The course is specifically tailored for managers, directors, or VPs seeking to ensure that their organization excels in outperforming the competition through the delivery of exceptional CX.

  • The cost for the Achieving Excellence in Customer Experience Management course is $2,950 Canadian.
  • Modes of delivery: Regarding the mode of delivery, this course is conducted online, but it differs from typical online courses as classes are live and require participants to join at specific times. The curriculum includes simulations, case studies, and work projects, emphasizing the necessity of active participation. Unlike a casual drop-in-and-learn approach, this program adopts a university-style structure, making it suitable for individuals who are genuinely committed to pursuing certified customer experience roles.


The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) program is developed by leading figures in the CX field. While CXPA membership isn’t a requirement for enrollment, it does provide a discount on program-related products.

Upon purchase, participants gain lifetime access to course content, including videos and tests. The program caters to both beginners, with its CX Foundations lecture, and advanced professionals, who may find value in the Measurements, Metrics, and Business Value course.

Best suited for

The CXPA’s CCXP certification is particularly beneficial for CX professionals seeking long-term engagement and networking opportunities with industry leaders. While the course can be purchased independently, those considering a CXPA membership can enjoy additional advantages, including volunteer opportunities, insights exchange events, and mentoring.

  • Cost: Module pricing starts at $149, and external courses determine their costs.
  • Delivery format: Courses are presented online through video recordings, offering flexibility in timing and enabling students to learn at their own pace based on their schedules.


The Forrester program is structured into 5-7 competency-based units, categorized into core and advanced knowledge levels. The primary course spans 8 weeks and is led by a Forrester instructor—this foundational course is a prerequisite for pursuing further advanced CX coursework.

The advanced courses provide more flexibility, allowing users to select their preferred learning paths, with topics covering skills such as customer journey mapping and optimizing Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs.

Best suited for

The Core CX program is well-suited for learners seeking a more guided approach to skill development. The cohort-based sessions run over a strict 60-day period, incorporating external deadlines to maintain motivation.

  • Cost: Courses are individually priced, starting at $2260.
  • Delivery format: Courses are available online but adhere to set schedules for start and end dates. For current offerings and time frames, refer to the program’s website.
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In Conclusion

These CX training providers offer courses catering to all levels of customer experience professionals in the CX field, providing training and preparation for the CCXP exam. Additionally, exploring customer experience management software can enhance your capabilities in this field.

Whether a customer experience professional is seeking a budget-friendly program for an individual or a well-designed workshop for the entire team, there is a training provider that can fulfill certification needs and contribute to a positive employee experience.

While training providers offer diverse programs, there are also other resources available to support customer experience professionals.

Consider joining the CX Lead’s community, designed for both beginning and mid-career CX professionals. Subscribing to The CX Lead newsletter provides access to the latest articles and guides tailored to help customer experience professionals excel in their roles.


What Does CX Customer Experience Mean?

CX Customer experience is about how a business connects with its customers at every step of the buying process. This includes marketing, sales, customer service, and everything in between. Essentially, it’s the overall result of all the interactions a customer has with your brand.

What Does a CX Person Do?

CX design involves making interactions between a company and its customers seamless and efficient. Customer experience can be divided into three main parts: the individual interaction, the customer journey, and the long-term relationship.

What Does CX Mean?

Customer experience, often abbreviated as CX, includes all the efforts a business or organization puts into prioritizing customers. This involves guiding their experiences, addressing their needs, and ensuring satisfaction. A five-star customer review is a positive indicator of good customer experience. You may instinctively recognize the factors that distinguish positive CX from negative ones.

What are the 4 Components of Customer Experience?

Customer experience is made up of four important elements—a culture that prioritizes customers, well-thought-out touchpoints, reliable quality, and customer satisfaction.

What Skills Do You Need to be a CX Consultant?

Being a customer experience consultant demands skills in presenting information, analyzing data, thinking creatively, and using data to refine marketing strategies.

What is the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

Customer service is only a segment of the overall customer journey. In contrast, customer experience includes every interaction between your brand and a customer.

How Do You Become a CX?

To become a CX leader, grasp customer needs, promote a customer-focused culture, empower employees, analyze data for insights, adjust strategies based on feedback, and consistently innovate to improve customer satisfaction.

What Does a CX Manager Do?

The CX manager’s role involves identifying, implementing, and enhancing the technology and vision necessary to understand the entire customer journey from the customer’s viewpoint. This position focuses on finding the most effective ways to gather, analyze, and respond to customer feedback at crucial touchpoints throughout the customer journey.


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