Gain a competitive advantage in your gaming experience by tailoring your controls to suit your playstyle. The PlayStation DualSense Edge wireless controller is designed for high performance and personalization, empowering you to shape a gaming experience that is uniquely yours.

Enjoy ultra-customizable controls with changeable stick caps, remappable inputs, and personalized settings. Fine-tune your precision by adjusting stick sensitivity and dead zones, customize trigger travel distances for quicker inputs, and seamlessly switch between control profiles to stay prepared for your next gaming session.

PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

With mappable back buttons, you can configure them to any other button input, ensuring that game-changing actions and essential controls are always at your fingertips. Craft your gaming journey with the PlayStation DualSense Edge wireless controller.

Customizing DualSense Edge to Tailor Your GamePlay

Optimize your gaming experience with the PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller’s diverse button styles, allowing you to choose the input type that perfectly complements your playstyle. Explore the built-in features of the DualSense controller, immersing yourself in signature comfort while feeling varying force and tension through adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Extend your gaming sessions with replaceable stick modules, available for separate purchase. Unlock the full potential of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in games that support these features. Craft your ideal gaming setup with the customizable features of the DualSense Edge Wireless controller.

PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Features

  • Experience unparalleled precision in your gameplay by seamlessly swapping in fresh stick modules with the DualSense Edge controller. Ensure that your equipment is always in optimal condition, allowing you to aim and move with utmost accuracy. Additionally, choose from three types of changeable stick caps to enhance your in-game comfort without compromising grip or stability. Elevate your gaming experience with the precision and versatility of DualSense Edge controller stick modules.
  • Unlock a new level of control with the PlayStation DualSense Edge wireless controller’s two sets of mappable back buttons. Configure them to any desired button input, ensuring you always have game-changing actions and essential controls literally at your fingertips. Elevate your gaming experience with the convenience and versatility of the DualSense Edge controller’s mappable back buttons.
  • Customize Trigger Sensitivity: Tailor the travel distance of your left and right triggers manually for an optimal gaming experience. Amid a fast-paced FPS? Opt for a shorter travel distance to shoot faster on the field. Engaged in a competitive race? Opt for a longer travel distance to ensure precise throttle control on the track.”
  • Personalized Control at Your Fingertips: Remap or deactivate specific button inputs with remappable buttons, allowing you to craft a fully customized control setup tailored to the specific requirements of the game you’re playing
  • Effortless Profile Switching: Save your preferred control settings to unique profiles for quick access. Swap between profiles seamlessly on the fly, ensuring that your favorite configurations are always ready whenever you are
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Is The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Worth It?

The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller stands out as a lightweight and exceptionally comfortable alternative to the standard DualSense. Despite these advantages, it comes with a trade-off—lower battery life.

Additionally, for most players, the inability to modify key mapping or incorporate reverse paddles may limit its appeal. If you seek an ultra-high-performance, cutting-edge controller that provides an extra edge, the Edge is the right choice.

If you simply desire the best version of the DualSense for regular gaming without additional features, the Edge may prove too costly with too few benefits. The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller comes equipped with all the essentials to get you started.

However, for an additional $20 each, you have the option to purchase extra stick modules. Considering the controller’s initial cost, this presents a positive opportunity to address potential stick-drift or unresponsiveness issues without the need to invest in an entirely new controller.

In Conclusion

The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller stands out as a solid investment, particularly for individuals who tend to wear out their controllers swiftly, thanks to its swappable parts, notably the replaceable thumbsticks.

While it functions adequately on the PC, it truly shines when paired with the PS5, offering a gaming experience that goes beyond what other platforms can provide. In essence, the DualSense Edge is more than just a piece of hardware; it’s a key component that enhances your gaming journey on the PS5.


Can you use the PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller on PS5?

Guide on Pairing a PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller with PS5 Consoles

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To initiate the connection between your PlayStation DualSense Edge wireless controller and your PS5 console, follow these steps. Upon the first usage of your controller, pairing it with your console is essential. Begin by turning on your PS5 console, and then proceed to connect the controller to your console using the provided USB cable.

Why is the PS5 Edge Controller so Expensive?

The DualSense Edge introduces several enhancements, including a pair of mappable back paddles, swappable joysticks with alternative cap options, adjustable triggers, a lengthy braided cable, a convenient carrying case, and additional features. With a total cost of $200, this PS5 controller offers a premium gaming experience, priced at half the cost of a PS5 digital edition and $130 more than a standard DualSense controller.

What is Special about the PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller?

The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller represents Sony’s latest first-party elite controller. Designed as a response to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2, it introduces pro-level features not present in the standard PS5 DualSense controller. Boasting grips, adjustable analog sticks, mappable rear buttons, profiles, and a host of other enhancements, the DualSense Edge is crafted to elevate the gaming experience for enthusiasts seeking advanced features and customization options.

Is PS5 Better than Xbox Controller?

The Xbox Series X falls short in comparison to some of the unique features offered by the PS5 system. Notably, the PS5’s DualSense controller boasts additional capabilities, such as a built-in speaker and responsive haptic feedback, which are absent from the Xbox controller.

Is PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Good for Fighting Games?

The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller comes equipped with fantastic features and settings tailored for fighting games, allowing you to leverage them to your advantage in titles like Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, and Mortal Kombat 1!

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Can a PS4 Controller Work on PS5?

PS5 owners, whether they have an old PS4 controller, acquired one at a great deal, or received it as a hand-me-down, can seamlessly connect it to their PS5 console without encountering compatibility issues. It’s important to note, however, that while the PS4 controller is compatible with the PS5, owners won’t be able to play PS5 titles using a PS4 controller.

How Long Does the PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Last?

The controller provided approximately five to six hours of wireless playtime before the low battery icon appeared, prompting me to connect it to the PS5. The durable and lengthy cable allowed me to continue playing while the controller charged. However, it’s worth noting that the controller’s battery life falls short of the base DualSense, which itself has a modest duration of around eight hours.


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