On the 21st of April 2022, Manchester United made a significant announcement, revealing that Erik ten Hag would assume the managerial reins after the ongoing season. This strategic move marked a pivotal moment for the club, introducing its second Dutch manager, succeeding the likes of the esteemed Louis van Gaal.

Notably, ten Hag became the fifth permanent manager since the iconic Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, signifying the club’s ongoing quest for stability and success in the post-Ferguson era. To secure Ten Hag’s services, Manchester United navigated negotiations with Ajax, ultimately agreeing to pay a transfer fee of £1.7 million to release him from his existing contract with the Dutch club.

Enduring Legacy of Erik Ten Hag
Image Source: Sky Sports

This financial commitment underscored the club’s determination to bring in a manager of Ten Hag’s caliber, emphasizing the belief in his managerial prowess and the potential positive impact he could have on the team.

As the baton passed from the outgoing manager to the incoming ten Hag, the anticipation and expectations among the Manchester United faithful were palpable. The decision to invest both in a managerial change and the associated transfer fee demonstrated the club’s commitment to revitalizing its competitive edge and pursuing a trajectory of success under the stewardship of Erik ten Hag.

Records Broken So Far this Season by Erik Ten Hag

In the ongoing season, a series of unprecedented records have been shattered, with Manchester United experiencing a multitude of historical firsts, many of which have been attributed to the managerial tenure of Erik Ten Hag.

UEFA Champions League Group Stage Records

  • Manchester United, under Erik Ten Hag, achieved their lowest-ever points total in the Champions League group stages, finishing with just 5 points.
  • The club conceded a staggering 15 goals, marking the first instance of an English team allowing such a high number in the history of the competition.
  • Four losses in six group games represented a new low for Manchester United in the Champions League.
  • The team failed to keep a clean sheet in five out of six group-stage matches, a departure from their historical defensive prowess.

Premier League and Domestic Records

  • Manchester United, under Ten Hag, experienced their worst start to a season, losing 12 out of the opening 23 games.
  • Notably, the club found itself at the bottom of their Champions League group for the first time since 2006.
  • Bournemouth achieved unprecedented victories at Old Trafford, clinching their first-ever win and scoring three goals, both occurring under Ten Hag’s management.
  • The team faced setbacks in the Premier League, losing seven of the first 16 games, and breaking historical norms.
  • Erik Ten Hag presided over Manchester United’s rare consecutive losses to Newcastle, marking the first such occurrence since the early 1970s.
  • Newcastle achieved defensive milestones, keeping three clean sheets in a row against Manchester United, a feat not seen since 1897.
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Defensive Lapses and Goal Concessions

  • Manchester United conceded a record-breaking 14 goals in the first five Champions League group games.
  • Defensive vulnerabilities were further exposed with the team letting in three or more goals in four different Champions League matches in a single season.
  • The team suffered a unique setback under Ten Hag, losing a Champions League game after leading by two goals, a scenario not witnessed since 2014.
  • Remarkably, Manchester United had never dropped as many points from a winning position in Champions League history.

Historical Milestones and Unwanted Records

  • The team’s struggles extended to league competitions, with records such as losing five of the first ten home games at Old Trafford since 1931 and experiencing their worst start to a Premier League season in 36 years.
  • Ten Hag’s tenure saw Manchester United concede an unprecedented number of penalties in their first four Champions League group games.
  • Young Roony Bardghji became the first player of his age to score against Manchester United in the Champions League during Ten Hag’s era.
  • Galatasaray, despite a long history, secured their first-ever victory on English soil after 117 years of existence, courtesy of Erik Ten Hag’s Manchester United.

Erik Ten Hag’s managerial stint at Manchester United has undeniably etched itself into the annals of the club’s history, creating a season defined by a profound dichotomy of record-breaking highs and unforeseen lows.

As the curtains draw on this campaign, the echoes of Ten Hag’s impact reverberate through the corridors of Old Trafford, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of the supporters. The highs have been nothing short of extraordinary – the exhilarating peaks of achievement that set this season apart.

From navigating uncharted territory with the lowest-ever points total in the UEFA Champions League group stages to witnessing a surge of unprecedented victories for opposing teams at Old Trafford, Ten Hag’s tenure has rewritten the narrative of Manchester United’s historical prowess. The remarkable records, both in the domestic and international arenas, have elevated the season to one of profound significance.

Ten Hag’s Impact: Challenges and Change at Manchester United

Amid the celebratory moments, the season has also been rife with unexpected challenges and unwelcome lows. Defensive vulnerabilities laid bare by record-breaking concessions, historic losses in pivotal games, and a struggle to maintain the team’s traditional defensive solidity have cast shadows over the campaign.

These unwanted milestones, though stark, serve as critical points of reflection for a club that has long thrived on a legacy of success. Yet, as the season draws to a close, it becomes more than a mere reflection of the past.

It stands as a poignant reminder of the formidable challenges that lie ahead and the necessary adjustments required for sustained success under Ten Hag’s leadership. The path to a brighter future is paved not just with accolades and triumphs but with the resilience to overcome setbacks and the wisdom to learn from mistakes.

Erik Ten Hag’s imprint on Manchester United’s season is a catalyst for change, a call to action for a club with an illustrious history. The challenges faced and lessons learned will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the team as they strive for renewed glory under Ten Hag’s stewardship.

The echoes of this season will linger as a testament to the resilience of a club that, even in the face of unprecedented records, remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence and a brighter future.

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In Conclusion

The current season for Manchester United has been marked by an unprecedented series of records, with Erik Ten Hag’s managerial tenure at the forefront of these historical shifts.

  • The UEFA Champions League Group Stage showcased the team’s struggles under Ten Hag, with the lowest-ever points total, conceding an astounding 15 goals, experiencing a new low with four losses in six games, and a departure from their traditionally solid defense by failing to keep a clean sheet in five out of six matches.
  • The Premier League and domestic competitions witnessed Manchester United’s worst start in years, finding themselves at the bottom of their Champions League group for the first time since 2006. Notably, Bournemouth secured unprecedented victories at Old Trafford, while the team faced setbacks in the league, losing seven of the first 16 games, a departure from historical norms.
  • Defensive lapses and goal concessions reached alarming levels, with a record-breaking 14 goals conceded in the first five Champions League group games. The team’s vulnerabilities were further exposed in multiple matches, and a unique setback occurred as they lost a Champions League game after leading by two goals, a scenario not witnessed since 2014.

Ten Hag’s reign brought about historical milestones and unwanted records, including the team’s worst start to a Premier League season in 36 years, unprecedented penalties conceded in the Champions League group stage, and the first-ever victory for Galatasaray on English soil after 117 years of existence.


Which Teams Has Erik Ten Hag coached?

Before joining Manchester United, Erik ten Hag coached several teams, including AFC Ajax Amsterdam and FC Utrecht in the Netherlands, as well as Bayern Munich II and Go Ahead Eagles.

What Trophies Has Ten Hag Won?

  • Eredivisie Titles: 2018–19, 2020–21, 2021–22.
  • KNVB Cup Triumphs: 2018–19, 2020–21.
  • Johan Cruyff Shield Victory: 2019.

Has Ten Hag Worked with Pep Guardiola?

Manchester United manager Ten Hag worked under Guardiola for two years at Bayern Munich after both joined the German giants in 2013.

How Rich is Erik Ten Hag?

Erik ten Hag, a Dutch professional football manager and former player, currently holds the position of manager at Premier League club Manchester United. According to Goalballlive.com in October 2020, he reportedly earned £160,000 per week, translating to an annual income of £7.8 million.

Who Would be the Best Manager for Manchester United?

Here is a list of the top 5 Manchester United managers based on win percentage, with data correct as of December 4, 2023:

  • Erik ten Hag
    • From: 2022
    • To: Present day
    • Games: 83
    • Wins: 51
    • Win Percentage: 61.45%
  • Alex Ferguson
    • From: 1986
    • To: 2013
    • Games: 1,500
    • Wins: 895
    • Win Percentage: 59.67%
  • Jose Mourinho
    • From: 2016
    • To: 2018
    • Games: 144
    • Wins: 84
    • Win Percentage: 58.33%
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
    • From: 2018
    • To: 2021
    • Games: 168
    • Wins: 91
    • Win Percentage: 54.17%
  • Ernest Mangnall
    • From: 1903
    • To: 1912
    • Games: 373
    • Wins: 202
    • Win Percentage: 54.16%

How Many Trophies Has Erik Ten Hag Won as a Manager?

Erik ten Hag, in his managerial career, has secured eight trophies to his name. The initiation of his trophy-laden journey began with the Regionalliga Bayern title in the 2013/14 season when he helmed Bayern Munich II. It marked a promising start for the Dutch manager, showcasing his early success in the managerial realm.

Subsequently, in December 2017, ten Hag’s career trajectory took a significant turn when he was appointed as the manager of Ajax. This tenure not only added to his growing list of achievements but also served as a pivotal phase in his managerial career.

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It was during this period that Ten Hag truly began to carve out a distinguished reputation for himself in the world of football management, setting the stage for the accomplishments that would follow in the years to come.

How Many Games has Ten Hag Won with Manchester United?

Erik ten Hag achieved his 50th victory as the manager of Manchester United with a triumph over Fulham this past Saturday. The pivotal moment came in a tightly contested match, with Bruno Fernandes finding the back of the net in stoppage time to secure the win.

This victory marked a significant milestone for the Dutch manager, occurring in his 79th match at the helm of Manchester United. The achievement underscores Ten Hag’s impact on the team and his ability to navigate challenging encounters to secure crucial results.

How Many Clubs Has Erik Ten Hag Managed?

Club and Role | Appointed | In Charge Until | Matches | PPM (Points Per Match)

  • Manchester United
    • Manager
    • Appointed: 22/23 (Jul 1, 2022)
    • Expected In Charge Until Jun 30, 2025
    • Matches: 86
    • PPM: 1.95
  • Ajax Amsterdam
    • Manager
    • Appointed: 17/18 (Dec 28, 2017)
    • In Charge Until: 21/22 (Jun 30, 2022)
    • Matches: 215
    • PPM: 2.34
  • FC Utrecht
    • Manager
    • Appointed: 15/16 (Jul 1, 2015)
    • In Charge Until: 17/18 (Dec 27, 2017)
    • Matches: 111
    • PPM: 1.74
  • FC Bayern Munich II
    • Manager
    • Appointed: 13/14 (Jul 1, 2013)
    • In Charge Until: 14/15 (Jun 30, 2015)
    • Matches: 72
    • PPM: 2.14
  • Go Ahead Eagles
    • Manager
    • Appointed: 12/13 (Jul 1, 2012)
    • In Charge Until: 12/13 (Jun 30, 2013)
    • Matches: 39
    • PPM: 1.72
  • PSV Eindhoven
    • Assistant Manager
    • Appointed: 09/10 (Jul 1, 2009)
    • In Charge Until: 11/12 (Mar 12, 2012)
    • Matches: Not Applicable
    • PPM: 0.00
    • Assistant Manager of Fred Rutten (142 Games)
  • Twente Enschede FC
    • Assistant Manager
    • Appointed: 06/07 (Jul 1, 2006)
    • In Charge Until: 08/09 (Jun 30, 2009)
    • Matches: Not Applicable
    • PPM: 0.00
    • Assistant Manager of Fred Rutten (79 Games), Steve McClaren (50 Games), Ricardo Moniz (2 Games)
  • FC Twente Enschede U19
    • Manager
    • Appointed: 03/04 (Jul 1, 2003)
    • In Charge Until: 05/06 (Jun 30, 2006)
    • Matches: Not Applicable
    • PPM: 0.00
  • FC Twente Enschede U17
    • Manager
    • Appointed: 02/03 (Jul 1, 2002)
    • In Charge Until: 02/03 (Jun 30, 2003)
    • Matches: Not Applicable
    • PPM: 0.00

How Long Has Ten Hag Been a Manager?

Another factor to consider is the fact that Erik ten Hag was appointed by John Murtough 18 months ago. This implies that Murtough has a substantial stake in Ten Hag’s success as the manager.

The outcome of Ten Hag’s tenure will not only on the Dutchman’s abilities but also Murtough’s judgment and decision-making. The success or failure of Ten Hag holds significant importance for Murtough, adding an extra layer of pressure and scrutiny to the manager’s performance.


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