In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, a robust online presence is key to success, and LinkedIn stands out as a powerhouse for professionals and businesses alike. To navigate this platform effectively, leveraging the right LinkedIn marketing tools becomes crucial. LinkedIn proves to be a highly impactful platform, extending beyond its primary role in recruitment.

It serves as a valuable reservoir for generating leads in areas such as public relations, partnerships, and sales. An intriguing statistic from a recent survey reveals that an impressive 94.2% of journalists and 49% of decision-makers actively engage on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools

This underscores the platform’s diverse utility, emphasizing its significance not only for job seekers but also for businesses seeking to forge connections, establish partnerships, and drive sales.

In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of LinkedIn marketing tools, exploring how they can be the game-changers you need to elevate your online presence and carve a path to success in the competitive digital space.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting your journey, these tools are your secret weapons for making a lasting impact on LinkedIn. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the LinkedIn marketing tools that will not only boost your visibility but also open doors to new opportunities.

What is the LinkedIn Marketing Tool

A LinkedIn marketing tool refers to any software, feature, or resource provided by LinkedIn that assists businesses and professionals in promoting their products, services, or personal brand on the LinkedIn platform. These tools are designed to

  • Enhance marketing efforts
  • Improve visibility
  • Facilitate engagement with a target audience on LinkedIn

Examples of LinkedIn marketing tools include

  • Advertising features
  • Analytics tools
  • Page management resources
  • Specialized functionalities like Sales Navigator

All are aimed at optimizing the marketing potential of the platform for individuals and businesses alike

Optimizing LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Seamless Brand Presence

By capitalizing on every opportunity, it’s possible to run your business exclusively through LinkedIn, benefiting from the exposure and leads it generates. However, many brands hesitate to invest sufficient time and resources in LinkedIn marketing due to a lack of firsthand experience with successful strategies. In some cases, digital marketing managers struggle to allocate dedicated resources to LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Here are five LinkedIn marketing tools that can assist you in establishing a compelling brand presence on LinkedIn without requiring a significant investment of resources or effort.

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LinkedIn can offer value beyond the platform itself, especially when it comes to conversations that happen outside of LinkedIn after making connections or generating leads. However, to take full advantage of these interactions, it is important to keep an updated and comprehensive list of contacts.

This is where SyncMe comes in – it’s a LinkedIn marketing tool that helps bridge the information gap when engaging in conversations outside of the LinkedIn platform. The initial prerequisite for utilizing SyncMe is a diverse and extensive contacts list.

The LinkedIn marketing tool works by cross-referencing your contacts with their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, extracting vital data, and seamlessly integrating it into your mobile phonebook. Consider the scenario of making a sales or event partnership call after initiating contact on LinkedIn.

SyncME goes a step further by providing additional personal details, thereby creating a more connected and effective communication experience. With SyncMe, you can elevate your follow-ups by incorporating relevant information gained from LinkedIn, ensuring that each interaction is not only personalized but also tailored for maximum impact.


While some marketers may shy away from incorporating visuals on LinkedIn, considering it a platform predominantly formal and text-centric, this very perception presents a unique opportunity to stand out with impactful visual content.

Infographics, in particular, emerge as a potent LinkedIn marketing tool for visually representing data, making a compelling case for your brand, especially among decision-makers and journalists on LinkedIn. If your recent employee survey reveals a high level of satisfaction within your company, why not showcase this positive feedback in an eye-catching infographic?

Piktochart, an infographic-making tool, proves to be a valuable asset in this endeavor. The platform offers a range of pre-designed templates that streamline the infographic design process, making it accessible even for those without extensive graphic design skills.

Moreover, Piktochart proves indispensable for transforming use cases and case studies created by your marketing department into visually engaging narratives.

By leveraging this tool, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your content on LinkedIn but also effectively communicate complex information in a format that is both visually stimulating and easily digestible for your audience. Embrace Piktochart to infuse creativity into your LinkedIn strategy and make a lasting impact through visually compelling storytelling.


Engaging your target audience effectively involves sharing timely and relevant news and updates. According to a survey, 60% of LinkedIn users express a preference for seeing industry updates in their feeds. DrumUp, a versatile LinkedIn marketing tool, allows you to curate such content by utilizing keywords and RSS feeds, and then schedule it for optimal publishing times.

This not only ensures that your audience stays informed but also helps in maintaining an active and dynamic LinkedIn presence. Beyond content curation and scheduling, DrumUp offers a unique feature for content amplification through its employee advocacy platform.

With this functionality, you can invite employees from various teams to share content that supports diverse objectives such as PR, recruitment, marketing, sales, and customer retention. The more actively your employees engage in sharing content, the broader the impact your brand will have on LinkedIn, reaching a wider audience and fostering stronger connections.

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DrumUp’s capabilities extend to strategic content management by allowing users to save and reschedule top-performing evergreen posts. This feature not only streamlines content recycling but also ensures increased exposure over time. By incorporating DrumUp into your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you not only simplify content management but also amplify the reach and impact of your brand on this influential professional platform.


Before delving into posting on your LinkedIn Page, it’s crucial to define your objectives and establish a method for tracking progress towards them. Regardless of your LinkedIn marketing goals, certain metrics are essential for evaluation, with audience relevance being a key factor.

Talkwalker, serving as a LinkedIn analytics tool, proves invaluable for this purpose, allowing a comprehensive analysis of your followers based on seniority, industry, job function, and company size. This data not only provides insights into the effectiveness of your audience-building strategies but also guides improvements over time.

Moreover, Talkwalker goes beyond audience research by offering insights into basic update and page engagement metrics. This broader perspective allows you to assess the overall performance of your content and page on LinkedIn.

Key metrics in this category encompass page visits, clicks, and visitor demographics. By leveraging these engagement metrics, you gain a nuanced understanding of how your audience interacts with your content and how your LinkedIn presence can be refined for optimal results.

In essence, Talkwalker becomes an indispensable LinkedIn marketing tool for not only measuring audience relevance but also for fine-tuning your overall LinkedIn marketing strategy for enhanced impact.


In the realm of spontaneous and real-time marketing, IFTTT emerges as a powerful ally, providing support for impromptu actions on LinkedIn through cross-posting and location-based posting options. This versatile LinkedIn marketing tool empowers marketers to create and execute custom recipes that foster customer engagement on LinkedIn.

Examples of these recipes include seamlessly sharing photos directly to LinkedIn or posting Instagram images directly onto the LinkedIn platform. Additionally, IFTTT allows for the automation of sharing posts from other platforms, such as Medium or Reddit photos, directly to your LinkedIn profile.

The key concept revolves around identifying the posts you want to cross-share on LinkedIn and then setting up IFTTT commands to seamlessly cover all these platforms. IFTTT, which stands for If This, Then That, functions by integrating various web and mobile apps.

Through a trigger-response formula, you can connect and automate interactions between any two supported apps. This approach enables marketers to streamline their cross-posting strategy, ensuring that relevant content is shared across multiple platforms, fostering real-time engagement, and enhancing the overall impact of your brand on LinkedIn.

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In Conclusion

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn marketing tools is an indispensable strategy for fostering a successful online presence. Whether aiming to engage target audiences, curate compelling content, or enhance the visual appeal of your brand, these tools offer a diverse range of functionalities.

From audience analysis with Talkwalker to seamless cross-posting and location-based marketing using IFTTT, each tool serves a specific purpose in optimizing your LinkedIn strategy. Additionally, SyncME aids in personalizing follow-ups, while Piktochart empowers marketers to convey complex information through visually appealing graphics.

By incorporating these LinkedIn marketing tools into your LinkedIn marketing arsenal, you not only streamline your efforts but also position your brand for increased visibility, engagement, and success in the dynamic digital landscape. Embrace these tools, adapt to evolving trends, and watch your online presence flourish on one of the most influential professional platforms.


How Effective is LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool?

LinkedIn proves to be a potent marketing tool, although its necessity may not be universal for every business. We particularly recommend its utilization for B2B companies. However, even B2C enterprises may find value in the platform. For instance, businesses selling consumer products through distributors could discover meaningful opportunities on LinkedIn.

What are the Essential LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Beginners?

Beginners can start with fundamental tools like LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Pages, and LinkedIn Analytics to establish a foundational presence and understand audience engagement.

Why is Visual Content Important in LinkedIn Marketing, and how can Piktochart help?

Visual content stands out on LinkedIn, and Piktochart aids in creating visually compelling infographics, enabling you to present data and case studies in an engaging format.

Are LinkedIn Marketing Tools Suitable for Small Businesses?

Yes, many LinkedIn marketing tools offer scalable solutions, making them suitable for small businesses to establish and grow their online presence on the platform.

What Kind of Content can be Cross-Shared on LinkedIn Using IFTTT?

IFTTT allows cross-sharing of various content types, including photos from Instagram, and posts from Medium or Reddit, creating a diverse and engaging LinkedIn feed.

How Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Differ from Other LinkedIn Marketing Tools?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is specialized for sales professionals, offering advanced search and lead generation features to connect with potential clients and customers more efficiently.


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