More than 200,000 businesses across Nigeria have embraced Paystack as their go-to platform for receiving both local and international online payments securely. Notable establishments such as Domino’s Pizza, GIGM, and Axa Mansard Insurance are among the array of businesses confidently utilizing Paystack’s secure payment gateway.

Paystack offers a seamless integration process that is both free and swift to set up. Its user-friendly interface and adaptable features have made it a popular choice for businesses seeking a hassle-free solution to accept online payments, catering to various industries with diverse needs and requirements.

Paystack Now Authorized

Moreover, its reliability and trusted security measures make Paystack a preferred platform, ensuring businesses can efficiently manage and process transactions with peace of mind.

Paystack Pan-African Expansion: Breaking New Grounds in Egypt, Rwanda, and Côte d’Ivoire

The Nigerian fintech startup, Paystack, recently achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the required licenses to commence operations in Egypt and Rwanda. Additionally, the company has established strategic partnerships with prominent financial institutions to provide its range of financial services in Côte d’Ivoire.

As per the official announcement on its blog, Paystack is actively extending its operations into these three new countries. This expansion marks a pivotal moment for the company, increasing the total count of markets where it actively operates to seven.

The current roster now includes Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, and Rwanda. This expansion is a testament to Paystack’s growing influence and commitment to making financial services more accessible across the African continent.

The company’s vision to facilitate secure and innovative financial solutions is gaining momentum, as it continues to strategically position itself in key markets, fostering economic growth and financial inclusion.

Paystack Methodical Expansion Strategy

To kickstart its venture into these new territories, Paystack is set to initiate a private beta phase. This strategic move aims to fine-tune the company’s platform within each country. By actively seeking and implementing user feedback, Paystack is dedicated to crafting a payment ecosystem that is not only fast and reliable but also tailor-made to offer a genuinely delightful payment experience for each specific market.

The private beta phase will serve as a testing ground, allowing Paystack to adapt its services to meet the unique needs and preferences of users in Egypt, Rwanda, and Côte d’Ivoire. By actively listening to and incorporating feedback, the company is striving to ensure that its payment solutions align perfectly with the intricacies and demands of each market, fostering a seamless and customer-centric experience.

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Paystack Gradual Growth Approach

Established in 2015 by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi, Paystack made its initial foray beyond the borders of Nigeria in 2018, extending its services to Ghana. Following a rigorous six-month pilot period involving selected businesses, the company officially launched its full suite of services in this West African nation.

The decision to venture into Ghana was propelled by a strategic vision to capitalize on the burgeoning eCommerce landscape and the escalating need for reliable online payment solutions prevalent at that time.

Paystack’s entry into Ghana was marked by a calculated understanding of the market’s growing demands and the aim to offer seamless, secure, and efficient payment processing services tailored to the evolving needs of both businesses and consumers operating within the realm of online commerce.

Paystack’s Gradual Market Entry Strategy

The commencement of its operations in South Africa in 2021 followed a deliberate approach—a six-month beta program preceded its full launch. Paystack strategically identified South Africa as its next expansion target, recognizing and aiming to leverage the country’s already advanced and sophisticated fintech landscape.

When extending its services to Kenya in 2022, Paystack pursued a slightly different approach. Despite being the company’s fourth expansion destination, the beta program in this Eastern nation extended beyond the duration observed in both Ghana and South Africa.

This measured and meticulous expansion strategy employed by Paystack stands in stark contrast to the rapid expansion observed in other fintech giants like Flutterwave, which has aggressively broadened its presence beyond the African continent.

Paystack’s focus on a more gradual, market-specific approach underscores its commitment to methodical growth, allowing for a deeper understanding of each new market’s nuances and needs before a full-fledged launch.

How many currencies does Paystack accept?

Typically, international payments are processed and settled in your local currency by default. When your customer initiates a transaction in their currency, their bank handles the currency conversion and transfers the funds to us in your local currency.

Nevertheless, there are specific countries where international payments can be accepted in different currencies. Below is a detailed breakdown of countries and the currencies they can accommodate for receiving payments:

  • United States (USD): The U.S. can accept payments in United States Dollars (USD).
  • European Union (EUR): Countries within the European Union can accept payments in Euros (EUR).
  • United Kingdom (GBP): Payments can be accepted in Great British Pounds (GBP) for the United Kingdom.
  • Canada (CAD): Canadian businesses can receive payments in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  • Australia (AUD): Australian entities can accept payments in Australian Dollars (AUD).
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Please note that the availability of specific currency acceptance may vary and is subject to changes based on international banking regulations and agreements.

For further details regarding the acceptance of international payments in United States Dollars (USD), we encourage you to explore the article titled “Can I accept payments in USD?” This informative resource provides comprehensive insights into the processes and guidelines for receiving payments in USD.

It covers essential information on the steps required, any necessary documentation, and the specific procedures to facilitate the acceptance of payments in this currency. This article serves as a valuable reference, offering guidance on how to optimize your ability to accept and manage transactions in USD for your business.

What card associations does Paystack accept?

The fintech company possesses the capability to efficiently handle payments made through MasterCard, Visa, and Verve cards, irrespective of their global issuance. Furthermore, for businesses situated in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, the company extends its service to process payments made through American Express cards.

This diverse payment processing capability is a fundamental asset for businesses operating within and beyond these specific regions, offering a seamless and convenient way to accommodate transactions made with different card types.

For businesses in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, the added support for American Express cards further expands the range of payment options available, enhancing their ability to cater to a wider spectrum of customers and facilitating a more inclusive and versatile payment experience.

How do I create a Paystack account?

Signing up for a Paystack account is a straightforward and free process that can be completed within a few minutes. The following steps will guide you through the account creation process:

  • Creating a Paystack Account: To get started, visit the fintech company dashboard. Here, you will need to enter your business name, email address, and country, and set up a password for your account. This information is necessary to initiate the account creation process.
  • Upon creating your account, the initial step is complete. Nevertheless, to commence using the account, further details about you and your business are required. You will be redirected to another page that prompts for specific information.
  • Simply provide all the requested details to finalize your setup and enable the full utilization of your account. Upon the completion of your setup, you will be directed to your dashboard. Congratulations! You have successfully created your Paystack account.

Following the account creation, you can begin testing your integration and exploring our range of products, enabling you to familiarize yourself with our suite of offerings.

Nevertheless, your account is currently operating in Test Mode, which means you cannot receive actual funds. To transition your account to Live Mode and begin collecting real payments from your customers, you must activate your business. Please proceed to follow this link to initiate the activation process.

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In Conclusion

As outlined by Paystack’s COO, Amandine Lobelle, the company’s expansion strategy is meticulously crafted through comprehensive research. Factors such as GDP, card penetration, population size, and the robustness of the startup and developer ecosystem are meticulously considered.

The primary focus is on entering markets that serve as regional hubs and are strategically positioned to catalyze sub-regional growth. This deliberate approach underscores Paystack’s commitment to strategic market entry, aiming to establish a strong foundation in key regions conducive to fostering not only its growth but also contributing to the broader regional economic landscape.


Does Paystack work outside Nigeria?

Paystack enables businesses to accept payments from customers worldwide, provided they use Mastercard, Visa, or Verve cards. Specifically for businesses based in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, we also facilitate international payments using American Express cards.

Which Country Owns Paystack?

Paystack, a Nigerian fintech company headquartered in Lagos, provides payment processing services to businesses. In 2020, it was acquired by the Irish-American financial services firm Stripe for $200 million.

Can I receive money from abroad with Paystack?

The Internet knows no boundaries, and your business shouldn’t either. Utilizing Paystack, you can seamlessly receive payments from global customers, no matter where they are situated in the world.

Can I use Paystack in Ghana?

Paystack offers the quickest and easiest method to begin receiving online payments in Ghana. From signing up to receiving real payments, the process can take less than 15 minutes.

Which is better Paystack or Flutterwave?

In the realm of Payments Processing, Flutterwave commands a 0.17% market share, similar to Paystack’s 0.17%. However, due to its slightly higher market share coverage, Flutterwave secures the 35th spot in 6sense’s Market Share Ranking Index for the Payments Processing category, whereas Paystack holds the 36th position.

Does Paystack require an ATM PIN?

You only need to input your card information and authorize the transaction through our two-factor authentication system. This involves entering your card PIN, a one-time password, and/or completing 3-D Secure authorization.


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