In the ever-evolving world of gaming, the battle between console titans continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. Sony’s PlayStation series has long been a cornerstone of this digital realm, and the recent release of the PS5 Slim has added a new layer of excitement to the gaming landscape.

As gamers grapple with the decision of whether to invest in the standard PS5 or opt for the sleeker, more compact PS5 Slim, we delve into the heart of the dilemma in this comprehensive guide.

PS5 Slim vs PS5

Join us as we explore the nuanced differences between the two consoles, drawing insights from seven discerning buyers who have navigated this choice themselves. Get ready to make an informed decision as we present you with the crucial details in our exploration of the PS5 Slim vs PS5: 7 Buyer Reviews You Need to Know.

PS5 Slim vs PS5: What’s the Difference

While we will explore the nuanced distinctions and shared features between the PS5 Slim and PS5 in greater detail below, here’s a quick overview of what you can anticipate from both models.

Both consoles boast identical internal capabilities, encompassing the CPU, GPU, I/O throughput, and performance targets. However, disparities emerge when considering internal storage, disc drive, and overall aesthetics.

True to its name, the PS5 Slim is notably more compact than its counterpart; it occupies 30 percent less volume and is 18 percent lighter than the standard PS5. This is particularly advantageous for gamers with limited space in their gaming setup or those living with family members or housemates less enthused about the presence of a substantial console.

PS5 Slim vs PS5: Price and Design

Both gaming consoles share an identical price tag, with the PS5 Slim disc console and the PS5 Slim digital console both available for £479.99. Similarly, the PS5 disc edition and the PS5 digital edition are also priced at £479.99 and £389.99, respectively.

PS5 Slim vs PS5

Upon the debut of the PS5, gamers were captivated by its sleek design, featuring a striking white colorway and distinctive blades on either side. This innovative design not only enhances aesthetics but also facilitates effective cooling, ensuring a quieter gaming experience—a marked improvement over the PS4.

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In contrast to its larger counterpart, the PS5 Slim boasts a 30 percent reduction in volume. While it may not reach the trim dimensions of past PS2 or PS3 models, the PS5 Slim offers a more compact alternative to the PS5.

Despite its smaller size, the cooling system on the PS5 Slim, while reduced, doesn’t significantly impact gaming performance. Distinguishing itself further, the PS5 Slim incorporates four side plates compared to the PS5’s two.

Among these, one accommodates a detachable Blu-ray disc drive, providing a convenient option for repairs or enabling an upgrade from the PS5 Slim digital edition to the disc edition. For those opting for this additional feature, the Blu-ray disc drive comes at an additional cost of £99.99.

PS5 Slim vs PS5: Differences in their Display

Both the PS5 and PS5 Slim deliver an immersive gaming experience by running in 4K and offering compatibility with TV gaming. Moreover, they support High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, enhancing the game’s visual display with vibrant and lifelike colors across a broader spectrum.

The PS5 Slim takes gaming to the next level with a remarkable capability for up to 120FPS, representing the system’s ability to generate frames seamlessly. Coupled with a 120Hz output, this ensures gameplay is exceptionally smooth, providing gamers with a heightened level of responsiveness and visual fluidity.

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PS5 Slim vs PS5: Features

Beyond the evident physical distinctions and a marginally increased internal storage capacity, the PS5 Slim mirrors the powerful features of its counterpart, the PS5. Both consoles boast stunning 4K graphics, facilitate 120FPS gaming, and incorporate an AMD Zen 2-based CPU equipped with eight cores running at a variable frequency of 3.5GHz.

Diving into the specifics of the PS5, the 2020 gaming console impresses with a 16GB GDDR6/256-bit memory interface, delivering a remarkable 448GB/s memory bandwidth.

The PS5 features an impressive 825GB internal storage capacity, a capacity that extends to 1TB in the case of the PS5 Slim. To cater to expandable storage needs, both consoles provide an NVMe SSD slot, and for external storage convenience, USB HDD support is readily available.

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PS5 Slim Stand and Cooling Station

The PS5 Slim stand is compatible with both the PS5 Digital/Disc console and the PS5 Slim console. It also supports the simultaneous charging of two PS5 controllers or PS5 Elite controllers.

PS5 Slim vs PS5
  • Three-Level PS5 Cooling Fans – Two cooling fans speed up air circulation at the bottom of the PS5 console to achieve effective heat dissipation. The fan control button makes it easy to switch cooling speed. High-Medium-Low-Off.
  • Game Storage – 11 discs slots on the back of the stand provide a convenient space for you to store your 11 favorite game discs.
  • Convenient Space Management and Easy to Use – With the 2-in-1 connection cable, the stand can be powered from the USB 3.0 ports on the back of the PS5 console, leaving your front USB port clean and tidy for other purposes.
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PS5 Slim vs PS5 Final Verdict

Given the nearly identical features and price tags, our recommendation leans toward the PS5 Slim, primarily for its compact design and augmented internal storage.

The unveiling of the PS5 Slim left us impressed with its sleek and slimmer profile, making it a more accommodating fit for your gaming setup, especially if space is at a premium. Notably, the PS5 Slim outshines its counterpart by offering more internal storage (1TB compared to the PS5’s 825GB).

Additionally, the PS5 Slim’s extra side plate presents a unique advantage, allowing you to seamlessly transform the console from a digital edition to a disc edition with the simple addition of a Blu-ray disc drive, available for just an additional £99.99. This flexibility adds a compelling layer to the overall value of the PS5 Slim.


What is the Difference Between PS5 Slim and PS5?

Contrasted with the PS5, the PS5 Slim boasts a 30 percent reduction in volume. While it may not reach the sleek dimensions of past PS2 or PS3 models, it undeniably offers a more compact form than the PS5. With its shorter and thinner profile, the PS5 Slim also features a smaller cooling system; however, this adjustment has minimal impact on gaming performance.

What are the Benefits of PS5 Slim?

Here are the pros and cons of the PS5 Slim Digital Edition:


  • Sleek Design: The PS5 Slim Digital Edition is significantly slimmer than its counterparts, making it aesthetically appealing and easier to integrate into various gaming setups.
  • Portability: The reduced size enhances the console’s portability, making it more convenient to move around or switch locations within your living space.
  • Disc-Free Gaming: The absence of a disc drive eliminates the need to purchase physical game discs, streamlining the gaming experience and potentially reducing clutter.
  • Storage Efficiency: Without the need for physical discs, there’s no storage space wasted on disc installations, maximizing the available internal storage for digital downloads and content.
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  • Limited Physical Game Access: The lack of a disc drive restricts access to physical game copies, limiting your options if you prefer to buy games in physical format or take advantage of used game sales.
  • Dependency on Digital Purchases: The reliance on digital downloads means that your game library is tied to online platforms, potentially limiting your ability to access games in the absence of an internet connection or if digital storefronts are temporarily unavailable.
  • Initial Cost: While the Digital Edition may save money in the long run by avoiding disc purchases, the initial cost of the console itself might be slightly higher than its disc-equipped counterpart.

It’s essential to consider your gaming preferences and habits when deciding on a console, as each edition caters to different user needs and priorities.

How Many Types of PS5 are there?

However, once you’ve decided to purchase the PS5, you face the choice between the two available variants of the console: the Sony PS5 Digital Edition and the Sony PS5 Disc Edition.

Does PS5 Slim Have a Disc Drive?

It’s slimmer and lighter, featuring 1TB of storage and a detachable disk drive. The company has confirmed that this will be the new design for its PS5 models moving forward. The previous design will be gradually phased out once all available models have been sold.

How Many GB Does the PS5 Slim Have?

In comparison to the original PS5, the PS5 Slim features an enhanced internal storage capacity of 1TB. This upgrade ensures that players have more space to store their games, media, and other content without the concern of running out of storage quickly.

How Much Will a PS5 Slim Cost?

The PS5 Slim is priced starting at $449.99 and is currently available in the US. Sony unveiled the new PS5 Slim in October, with retail availability commencing in select countries from November onwards. This mid-life update to Sony’s best-selling console, the PS5, introduces several minor updates alongside some cosmetic changes.


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