The PS5 wall mount boasts a practical design, seamlessly blending your PS5 console into your TV stand setup. Specifically crafted to be mounted on the TV stand behind your television screen, this accessory comprises a bracket equipped with Velcro fastenings.

Constructed from durable steel, the PS5 wall mount is compatible with all our stands except the tall linked ones. Enhance the visual appeal of your PlayStation 5 by opting for a PS5 wall mount, providing it with a captivating free-floating appearance.

Crafted from robust heavy gauge steel, these wall mounts utilize the center channel of the PS5 and Sony’s Secure Mounting Mechanism to guarantee a secure attachment for your console. The design ensures that no vents are obstructed, and the distinctive hook system securely fastens your console for a sleek installation without any unnecessary bulk.

PS5 Wall Mount for Playstation 5 Disc Edition and Digital Edition

Introducing the PS5 Wall Mount, specifically crafted for both the PlayStation 5 Disc edition and Digital edition. This innovative wall mount offers the ability to discreetly mount your console near or behind your TV, featuring an invisible design that seamlessly blends with your home entertainment setup.

PS5 Wall Mount for Playstation

The sleek and space-saving solution not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your gaming area but also optimizes your available space. The package includes two accessory holders in a stylish black finish, providing a convenient storage solution for additional gaming peripherals or controllers.

These PS5 wall holders are designed to complement the overall aesthetic of the wall mount, ensuring a cohesive and organized gaming environment. It’s important to note that this wall mount is exclusively designed for the Playstation 5 Disc edition and Digital edition, offering a secure and stable mounting solution.

Please be aware that it is not compatible with the PS5 Slim model. Upgrade your gaming setup with the PS5 Wall Mount – a combination of functionality, style, and practicality for an immersive gaming experience.

NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit with Charging Station

Introducing the NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit, an all-in-one solution designed to elevate your gaming experience. This comprehensive kit not only includes a secure steel wall stand for your Playstation 5 but also comes equipped with a convenient charging station featuring dual controller chargers and a dedicated headphone hanger.

NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit

The steel wall stand ensures a robust and stable platform for your PS5, allowing you to securely mount it on the wall for a sleek and space-saving gaming setup. The dual controller chargers provide the added convenience of keeping your controllers powered up and ready for action, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

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In addition to the functional aspects, the NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit incorporates a dedicated headphone hanger. This thoughtful addition allows you to keep your gaming headset within easy reach, eliminating clutter on your gaming station and adding a touch of organization to your gaming space.

Compatible with PlayStation 5, this wall mount kit is engineered to seamlessly integrate into your gaming environment, offering both practicality and style. Elevate your gaming setup with the NexiGo PS5 Wall Mount Kit, an ideal solution for those seeking a tidy and efficient way to display and organize their gaming peripherals.

PS5 Wall Mount Kit with 3-level Cooling Fan and Dual Charging Station

Introducing the advanced PS5 Wall Mount Kit, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance your Playstation 5 gaming experience. This comprehensive kit not only provides a secure shelf mount for both the disc and digital editions of the PS5 but also boasts a 3-level cooling fan and dual charging station, ensuring optimal performance for extended gaming sessions.

PS5 Wall Mount Kit

The PS5 Wall Mount Kit is crafted to seamlessly integrate into your gaming setup, offering both versatility and functionality. The inclusion of a 3-level cooling fan ensures that your PS5 remains at an optimal temperature, preventing overheating and maintaining peak performance during intense gaming sessions.

Furthermore, the dual charging station is a game-changer, allowing you to keep two controllers charged and ready for action at all times. Say goodbye to interruptions due to low battery levels, as this kit ensures your controllers are always prepared for your next gaming adventure.

The shelf mount is compatible with both PlayStation 5 disc and digital editions, providing a secure and stable platform for your prized console. Additionally, this kit features a designated space for PS5 accessories, offering a neat and organized solution for your gaming peripherals.

As a bonus, the PS5 Wall Mount Kit incorporates a convenient headset holder, allowing you to keep your gaming headset within easy reach. This thoughtful addition not only adds to the kit’s practicality but also contributes to a clutter-free and immersive gaming environment.

Elevate your gaming setup with the PS5 Wall Mount Kit, a comprehensive solution that combines cooling, charging, and organization for the ultimate Playstation 5 experience.

TotalMount Wall Mount for Original PS5

Introducing the TotalMount PS5 Wall Mount, specifically designed for the original PlayStation 5. This innovative wall mount allows you to securely position your PS5 on the wall near your TV, providing a space-saving and visually appealing solution for your gaming setup.

TotalMount Wall Mount

Crafted with precision, the TotalMount PS5 Wall Mount ensures a secure and stable mounting platform for the original PS5 model. The sleek design not only complements your gaming space but also keeps your console within easy reach for a seamless gaming experience.

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Please note that this wall mount is exclusively compatible with the original PlayStation 5 and is not designed for use with the PS5 Slim model. It offers a tailored and secure fit for the specified console, ensuring both safety and aesthetics in your gaming area.

Upgrade your gaming setup with the TotalMount PS5 Wall Mount – a reliable and efficient solution to display your original PlayStation 5, optimizing both space and accessibility near your TV.

Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit Horizontal

Introducing the Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit in a horizontal configuration, designed to elevate your gaming setup with both style and functionality. This innovative kit features a PS5 shelf wall mount, suitable for both the PS5 disc and digital editions, accompanied by a dedicated accessories base stand.

Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit

With an upgraded design, this floating PS5 wall mount incorporates a secure screw fixing for added stability. The Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit in a horizontal layout ensures a sleek and space-saving display for your PlayStation 5.

The shelf wall mount provides a secure and stable platform for both the PS5 disc and digital editions, offering a visually appealing solution to showcase your prized console. This kit also includes an accessories base stand, offering a designated space for your PS5 peripherals.

Keep your gaming area organized and clutter-free with this thoughtful addition, providing easy access to your accessories whenever you need them. What sets the Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit apart is its upgraded floating design, giving your PS5 a modern and stylish appearance on the wall.

The inclusion of a secure screw fixing enhances stability, ensuring that your console remains safely mounted during gameplay and display. Elevate your gaming experience with the Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit in a horizontal configuration, a perfect blend of form and function for showcasing and organizing your PlayStation 5 and its accessories.

In Conclusion

The variety of PS5 wall mounts discussed, including the TotalMount PS5 Wall Mount and the Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit, present versatile solutions to elevate and optimize your gaming setup. Whether it’s about securely displaying your original PS5 near your TV or embracing a horizontal configuration for a modern aesthetic, these wall mounts offer a seamless blend of style and functionality.

The TotalMount PS5 Wall Mount caters specifically to the original PS5, ensuring a secure and visually appealing wall display. On the other hand, the Kosker PS5 Wall Mount Kit in a horizontal layout introduces a contemporary flair to your gaming space while providing practical features like a dedicated accessories base stand.

These PS5 wall mounts not only enhance the aesthetics of your gaming area but also contribute to efficient space utilization and organization. Whether you prioritize a discreet, invisible design or prefer a floating, upgraded look, these wall mounts offer diverse options to suit your preferences.

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In choosing the right PS5 wall mount for your gaming setup, you not only optimize space but also create a visually stunning and organized environment.

The selection of wall mounts discussed serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of gaming accessories, providing users with innovative solutions to showcase and streamline their PS5 gaming experience. Upgrade your gaming setup with these thoughtfully designed PS5 wall mounts for a more immersive and visually appealing gaming environment.


Is it OK to Wall Mount PS5?

Based on our tests, mounting your PS5 on the wall has proven to reduce its temperature. The design of our mount promotes improved air circulation, effectively preventing overheating and ensuring more efficient cooling, especially during intense gaming sessions.

Where Do You Put the PS5 Media Wall?

With the PS5 wall mount, you have the flexibility to position your PS5 under the desk, behind the TV, or front and center—each choice offers the same level of security. Whether you need a PS5 wall mount behind the TV or a PS5 under-desk mount, our installation process is straightforward and hassle-free.

Can I Plug My PS5 into 220v?

The PS5 is engineered to accommodate a broad spectrum of input voltages, typically ranging between 100 and 240 volts. This design enables the console to operate seamlessly on various electrical systems worldwide.

Should You Lay PS5 Flat or Vertical?

The PS5 is designed to function both horizontally and vertically, allowing users to choose the orientation that suits their preferences. The critical factor to consider is ensuring that the console has ample space for proper air circulation to prevent overheating.

What is the Best Position for the PS5?

You have the option to position the PS5 behind your TV, provided there is enough space for adequate airflow. For optimal ventilation, it’s recommended to keep the device at least 4 inches away from the wall and a few inches from the TV. Additionally, you can choose to stand the PS5 upright or lay it down flat, depending on your preference.


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