Unprecedented expansion is underway in the global digital ads platforms. With anticipated spending growth from approximately $627 billion to $836 billion in 2023, it is evident that marketers hold optimistic views on the revenue-driving potential of digital ads.

For publishers, this surge signifies increased prospects for monetizing their content. They can leverage various options, ranging from programmatic ad networks to ad ops platforms and everything in between.

Publift Ads Vs. MonetizeMore

In our assessment, we’ve juxtaposed two digital ad platforms—MonetizeMore and Publift Ads—to delineate their advantages and disadvantages. This analysis aims to empower you with valuable insights, facilitating a more informed decision about which option aligns best with your requirements.

What Is Publift Ads

Publift Ads stands as a programmatic ad-tech partner dedicated to assisting publishers in optimizing their ad inventory monetization. Utilizing cutting-edge ad tech, it offers additional ad ops services, including yield optimization, A/B testing, and price algorithm optimization.

As a Google-Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), Publift Ads has consistently contributed to publishers achieving an average increase of up to 55% in ad revenue since 2015. Remarkably, it accomplishes this without compromising page performance or any of the core web vitals (CWVs).

Key Features:

  • Access to over 30 premium demand partners.
  • Supports diverse monetization methods, from AdSense to Google Ad Manager (GAM) to direct deals.
  • Intelligent algorithms filter out invalid traffic, minimizing the risk of revenue losses.
  • Smart context classification tool automatically scans and analyzes websites, providing contextual information to advertisers.
  • Comprehensive reports offer insights into website performance and revenue metrics.


  • Enables header bidding and ad refresh solutions for increased revenue.
  • Strong brand safety measures to prevent spammy ads.
  • Supports ad block monetization, delivering ads to users who have opted in for select ads.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Supports new and innovative ad formats beyond the IAB standard sizes.


  • Publift Ads’ premium focus may limit the participation of smaller advertisers.

For publishers seeking a balance between revenue generation and user-centric strategies, Publift Ads proves to be a robust choice. It serves as an excellent platform for small and medium-sized publishers looking to enhance their industry presence.

With its emphasis on premium advertisers, innovative technology, and a user-first approach, Publift Ads is an ideal option for achieving both revenue goals and user satisfaction.

What Is MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore serves as an ad tech platform designed to assist publishers in navigating intricate ad operations through its suite of proprietary solutions. Among these are the PubGuru ad inventory management platform, the Traffic Cop fraudulent traffic blocker, and advanced analytics solutions tailored for publishers.

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Additionally, MonetizeMore offers header bidding and smart ad refresh features aimed at maximizing revenue. Functioning as a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), MonetizeMore has been aiding publishers in optimizing their ad inventory since 2010.

Key Features:

  • Ensures targeted ad delivery to specific audiences.
  • Implements ad refresh strategies.
  • Capable of both website and app monetization.
  • Provides support for ad setups, management, and reporting.
  • Employs robust fraud detection mechanisms.


  • Utilizes header bidding to enhance competition and earnings.
  • Incorporates fraud detection measures to protect earnings.
  • Supports mobile app monetization.


  • Users unfamiliar with ad management tools may face a steeper learning curve.

MonetizeMore extends its services to the realm of mobile app monetization, offering flexibility for publishers seeking revenue generation across various platforms. The platform provides a diverse range of options to boost publisher revenue, although individuals less acquainted with technical aspects may find the array of choices somewhat overwhelming.

Publift Ads Vs. MonetizeMore: Approval Requirements

Publift Ads Requirements

  • Age: Publift Ads does not specify a particular age requirement for publishers.
  • Minimum revenue or page views: Publift collaborates with publishers who attain a minimum monthly revenue of $2,000 or have at least 500,000 monthly page views. There is some flexibility for publishers to consistently deliver high-quality content even if they do not meet these benchmarks.
  • Content quality: Publift Ads maintains stringent standards for content quality, requiring websites to produce high-quality content for approval.
  • Website type: Publift Ads primarily targets premium websites with engaging content and a substantial user base. It caters to established publishers seeking to optimize their revenue.

MonetizeMore Requirements

  • Age: Similar to AdSense, MonetizeMore requires website owners to be at least 18 years old.
  • Minimum revenue or page views: MonetizeMore does not impose a minimum page view threshold but mandates a minimum monthly ad revenue of at least $1,000.
  • Content quality: MonetizeMore places a significant emphasis on content quality and originality.
  • Website type: MonetizeMore welcomes various types of websites characterized by high-quality design and free from prohibited content.

While Publift Ads considers both monthly revenue and page views, MonetizeMore emphasizes originality without setting specific traffic thresholds. Both platforms prioritize content quality and appeal to different types of websites.

Publift Ads Vs. MonetizeMore: Ad Optimization

Publift Ads Ad Optimization

Publift Ads’ flagship product suite, Fuse, introduces advanced ad optimization solutions for publishers. This includes features like multivariate testing and yield optimization. The intelligent auctions within Fuse enable publishers to filter bidders based on factors such as ad unit, geolocation, and other partners.

Publift incorporates automated A/B testing, continuously evaluating ad units for layout, format, color, and size to deliver the best-performing layouts to visitors. The platform supports both header bidding and smart refresh for optimal returns.

The multivariate testing feature continuously refines header bidding and smart refresh, considering variables like price floors, ad networks, and placements to maximize revenue. In addition to AI-driven technology, Publift’s in-house ad ops experts conduct comprehensive website audits, providing customized ad optimization recommendations.

MonetizeMore Ad Optimization

MonetizeMore relies on PubGuru as its primary ad optimization solution, utilizing machine learning to automatically test ad layouts and select the ad with the highest bid price.

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It also facilitates real-time bid comparisons, alleviating the need for publishers to manually update ad network priority levels. MonetizeMore harnesses header bidding technology to intensify competition among advertisers, ultimately fostering ad revenue growth.


MonetizeMore focuses on technology and customization through features like PubGuru, utilizing machine learning for automatic testing and real-time bid comparisons. On the other hand, Publift Ads adopts a holistic approach, integrating AI-driven technology with human expertise.

The Fuse suite offers a comprehensive set of tools, including multivariate testing, yield optimization, and intelligent auctions, along with the added value of in-house ad ops experts conducting personalized website audits.

Both platforms aim to optimize ad performance, but their emphasis on technology and the balance between automation and human insights differentiates their approaches.

Publift Ads Vs. MonetizeMore: Analytics Tools

Publift Ads Analytics Tools

Publift Ads provides a comprehensive suite of analytics tools, featuring a customized dashboard that offers clear insights into ad performance and revenue generation.

The Telemetry system collects and displays real-time information for various website parameters, including Core Web Vitals (CWVs). The platform also facilitates easy integration with other reporting tools, such as Google Ad Manager (GAM), to further enhance publishers’ data analysis capabilities.

MonetizeMore Analytics Tools

MonetizeMore’s primary analytics solution, Publisher Analytics, offers publishers an integrated view of all their revenue sources on a single dashboard.

The platform’s unified reporting capabilities enable integration with over 50 ad networks, allowing publishers to compare bidder performance across each network. The Page Report feature allows for in-depth page-level analytics, measuring metrics like page RPM and page views to identify top-performing pages.


MonetizeMore prioritizes advanced reporting and customization, providing publishers with detailed insights through the Publisher Analytics tool. The platform emphasizes integration with numerous ad networks and the ability to drill down into page-specific metrics.

In contrast, Publift Ads offers a user-friendly interface with detailed data and integration features for informed, data-driven decisions.

While MonetizeMore focuses on advanced analytics, Publift Ads ensures a streamlined experience with a focus on real-time data and seamless integration with other reporting tools. Publishers can choose between the platforms based on their specific preferences for analytics depth and reporting capabilities.

Publift Ads Vs. MonetizeMore: Who Pays Better

Publift Ads

Publift Ads operates on an 80/20 revenue split in favor of the publisher. Clients partnering with Publift have experienced, on average, a 55% increase in their ad revenue.

Notably, clients like Paycalculator have witnessed a remarkable upsurge, with their revenue soaring by up to 335% through collaboration with Publift. This positions Publift Ads as one of the highest-paying CPM ad networks in the industry.


MonetizeMore has established itself as a significant player, attracting online publishers seeking to amplify their revenue streams. The platform does not publicly disclose its revenue share figures, opting instead for individualized deals with publishers on a case-by-case basis.

Despite this, MonetizeMore asserts that several of its partners have experienced noteworthy revenue growth, ranging between 50-400% after engaging with the platform. This underscores MonetizeMore’s impact in fostering substantial revenue enhancement for its publisher partners.

Publift Ads Vs. MonetizeMore Comparison in Summary

Ad NetworksTraffic RequirementsRevenue shareCPM earningsPayment MethodsPayment ScheduleMinimum payment threshold limit
Publift AdsMinimum $2,000 in monthly revenue, or 500,000+ monthly page viewsSubject to the terms agreed upon with the publisher.Varies based on the region.Bank transfer in your preferred currencyNet-30-90$100
MonetizeMorePage views are not a determining factor, but monthly revenue should be at least $1,000Publishers receive 68% of total revenue, while Google keeps 32%.Promises an average of 20-30% revenue liftPaypal. Direct Deposits / ACH. E-Cheques / Local Bank Transfers. Wire Transfers.Net-30-45$100
Source: Publift

In Conclusion

The choice between MonetizeMore and Publift Ads depends on the unique needs of your website. Both MonetizeMore and Publift Ads prioritize revenue optimization and customization, making them suitable for those who are more advanced in their publishing journeys.

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It’s crucial to recognize that the ideal solution for your business may differ from others. Before making a decision, carefully evaluate your goals, niche, traffic, and priorities.

For publishers seeking to surpass the capabilities of AdSense and Google Ad Manager (GAM), Publift Ads provides a diverse range of technology-driven yet human-centric solutions. Reach out to Publift Ads to discover more about how they have assisted over 350 publishers in 60 countries in increasing their revenue since 2015.


What is a Publisher Advertising?

A publisher can be an individual or a company that owns a digital content property with an audience, which may include apps or websites. When the owner of such a property allocates space within it for external ads, referred to as ad inventory, they assume the role of an ad publisher.

What Does Publift Ads Do?

Publift Ads is a programmatic advertising technology company dedicated to assisting publishers in optimizing their ad revenue. This allows publishers to concentrate on creating exceptional content and expanding their businesses.

How Can Ads Make Money?

To generate income from display ads, you need to showcase advertisements on your website or mobile app and earn revenue each time someone clicks on an ad. For instance, if you have a mobile app offering news content, you can exhibit ads within your app and earn money with each click on the displayed ads.

What is Programmatic Ad Buying?

Programmatic buying or advertising involves the automated purchasing and selling of digital advertising space. However, it goes beyond mere automation; it’s a data-driven approach designed to strategically position your brand in front of precisely the right audience at the right moment.

Who Buys Programmatic Advertising?

In programmatic advertising, an ad exchange serves as an online marketplace where advertisers, agencies, demand-side platforms, publishers, and supply-side platforms can participate in bidding for advertising inventory from diverse publishers using Real-Time Bidding (RTB). Advertisers play a role in determining the price through their engagement in the bidding process.

Does AdSense Pay Without Clicks?

Google AdSense is transitioning from the pay-per-click model. Beginning in early 2024, Google will shift to paying publishers per impression rather than based on the number of clicks an ad receives. This means that publishers will receive compensation each time an ad is displayed, regardless of whether it is clicked on.


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