In the lush wilderness of linguistic exploration, “Scrabble In The Jungle” makes a triumphant return for Season 2, this time captivating the minds of the brilliant and dynamic Tertiary Students in the Gen Z Edition. Prepare to witness an electrifying fusion of intellect, strategy, and youthful exuberance as a new generation of word wizards takes center stage.

The phrase “Scrabble In The Jungle” evokes a sense of adventure and challenges, setting the tone for an exciting journey through the vast and intricate world of words. As the jungle metaphor suggests, participants will navigate through the dense undergrowth of language, exploring the depths of their vocabulary amidst the wild terrain of the Scrabble board.

Scrabble in the Jungle
Contestants at the inaugural edition in Warri

Scrabble In The Jungle Season 2 promises an even more exhilarating experience, with Tertiary Students from diverse academic backgrounds converging to showcase their Scrabble prowess. The Gen Z Edition injects a fresh and contemporary energy into the competition, reflecting the unique perspectives and cultural influences of the latest generation.

Scrabble In The Jungle Returns: Gen Z Edition in Lagos

After serving up a unique variant of scrabble tournament with it’s first edition last year in Warri, Delta State where top rugged and highly rated word warriors in Nigeria engaged one other in a boot camp, the Scrabble In the Jungle! returns this season with the Gen Z Edition, this time in Lagos.

Gen Z refers to the generation of people born after the Millennials. While there isn’t a universally agreed-upon range of birth years that defines Gen Z, it is commonly considered to include individuals born from the mid-1990s to the early 2010s. Gen Z is characterized by being the first generation to grow up with easy access to digital technology and the internet from a young age.

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They are often described as tech-savvy, diverse, socially conscious, and accustomed to the rapid pace of change in the modern world. As of the early 2020s, Gen Z is coming of age and entering various stages of education, the workforce, and society, bringing their unique perspectives and values to the forefront.

Epic Scrabble Match: Nigeria’s Best Young Word Warriors Face Off!

Young but exciting 10 candidates who were selected through a voting process will be locked away at a secluded location for an intense three-day session of the mindgame. The contestants are chosen from various tertiary institutions where their mark as wordsmiths helped cleaved their way to the competition.

The intensity of a total of 32 games with torrents of three round robins and five King Of The Hill (KOTH) in all are expected to test the ‘survival’ skills of the contestants under the pressured condition of constant mental challenges the tournament provides.

  • Most recently crowned 2023 Winifred Awosika African Youth Scrabble Champion David Ojih (1456)
  • Two-time Emmanuel Egbele Annual Scrabble Tournament (EEAST) Opens winner Emmanuel Enyi(1278)
  • African Youth Scrabble Champion 1st runner-Up Joy Ola (1230)
  • Nigeria University Games Association (NUGA) Games Female champion Priscilla Akhabue (1287)
  • Current Dynamite Opens champion Akeem Ogundokun(1416) will hunt for points in a contest that also parades
  • Kwara state most improved player Kareem Jamiu (1314)
  • Duoyo Diri Tourney 5th ranked player Hassan Wasiu (1374)
  • 2022 National Sports Festival gold medallist Muyiwa Mosope (1158)
  • 2023 AYSC 3rd-place finisher Lateef Musa (1408)
  • Oghenekaro Onakpogbe (1406) a key member of 2023 MSPL Division 2 champion D’Warriors

Subscribe, Adopt, Bet, Support: Scrabble Showdown GEN Z Edition

Stakeholders who voted for these high-profiled scrabble young guns are confident of the quality of contest and entertainment that will be on display during the course of the competition in the boot camp. Meanwhile, the organiser Scrabble Las Vegas has revealed that key strategies for the success of the Scrabble In the Jungle! Season 2- The GEN Z Edition are at the final stages.

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Five whatsapp channels have been opened for subscription through which followers can catch-up with events as they unfold when the tournament begins on December 8-10 this year. Each contestant are also up for adoption by groups or individuals who will galvanize support and followers for their preferred contestants.

Fans and followers can also stake some bets as the tournament progresses. The organiser further called for sponsorship and support ahead of the tournament. The tournament presently enjoys the ratifications of the the global body WESPA, the continental governing body PANASA as well as the NSF which is the national and the Mindgames Incorporated.

In Conclusion

Picture the intensity of strategic wordplay echoing through the jungle, where each move is a carefully calculated step towards victory. These young wordsmiths bring not only academic acumen but also a digital-age flair to the competition, infusing the classic game with a modern twist that resonates with the spirit of their generation.

The focus on Tertiary Students adds an academic edge to the competition, highlighting the intellectual rigor and passion for learning that characterize this stage of education. It’s not just a game; it’s a celebration of knowledge, wit, and the unbridled enthusiasm of the Gen Z participants.

As the jungle comes alive with the clatter of tiles and the hum of youthful energy, “Scrabble In The Jungle” Season 2 is poised to become a cultural phenomenon, uniting wordsmiths in a common quest for victory. The fusion of tradition and innovation, strategy and spontaneity, creates a captivating narrative that transcends the boundaries of the Scrabble board.

Get ready to witness the emergence of a new era in word gaming – where the jungle is the playground, words are the weapons, and Gen Z students are the fearless contenders in the ultimate battle of wits. “Scrabble In The Jungle: Unleashing Word Wizards in Season 2 – Gen Z Edition” promises not just a competition but an unforgettable linguistic expedition that will leave an indelible mark on the landscape of intellectual pursuits.

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What is Scrabble In The Jungle: Season 2?

Scrabble In The Jungle: Season 2 is the second edition of an exhilarating Scrabble tournament, bringing together top wordsmiths in a unique and challenging competition.

When and where will Season 2 take place?

The tournament is scheduled to take place in Lagos from December 8-10, offering a thrilling three-day session of intense wordplay.

How are contestants selected for Season 2?

Contestants are chosen through a voting process, with 10 young and promising wordsmiths selected from various tertiary institutions.

Who are some notable contestants in Season 2?

Notable contestants include the recently crowned 2023 Winifred Awosika African Youth Scrabble Champion David Ojih, two-time Emmanuel Egbele Annual Scrabble Tournament winner Emmanuel Enyi, and other accomplished players.

Is there a call for sponsorship and support?

Yes, the organizer, Scrabble Las Vegas, is actively seeking sponsorship and support ahead of the tournament.

Are there any official endorsements for Season 2?

Yes, the tournament enjoys the ratifications of global bodies such as WESPA, continental governing body PANASA, as well as the national NSF and Mindgames Incorporated.


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