In 2010, American Express started something new and important called Small Business Saturday. The idea was to support local businesses and help communities grow. This special day happens every year on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s not just about buying things – it’s a big celebration of people starting their own businesses, getting involved in the community, and how small businesses make the neighborhoods better.

Small Business Saturday

Every year, this special occasion occurs in November, right between the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and the online shopping spree known as Cyber Monday. It’s a time when people come together to participate in something unique and exciting.

The Origin of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday came into existence because people realized how important small businesses are for the economy. American Express decided to take action by introducing a day that urges shoppers to move away from large chain stores and explore the distinctive products and services offered by local business owners.

It wasn’t just about boosting sales; it was a thoughtful effort to foster a feeling of togetherness and community. The earnings generated on Small Business Saturday may seem like small portions when divided among the vast number of small businesses participating.

However, it’s essential to recognize that even from these modest beginnings, significant positive outcomes can emerge. Just like tiny seeds have the potential to grow into mighty trees, the impact of supporting local businesses on this special day can contribute to the overall growth and strength of communities.

Advantages of Small Business Saturday

The primary objective of Small Business Saturday is to provide a financial lift to small businesses during the bustling holiday shopping season, enabling them to compete more effectively with their larger counterparts.

According to data from American Express, the event has proven successful in achieving this goal. In 2022, consumers showed their support for local businesses by spending approximately $17.9 billion on Small Business Saturday.

Although this amount represents only a fraction of the staggering $936.3 billion spent during the overall 2022 holiday shopping season, a compelling statistic stands out: for every dollar spent at a small business in the United States, an estimated 67 cents remains within the local community.

By opting to shop small, consumers play a crucial role in not just bolstering local businesses but also fostering a more robust and healthier local economy. Supporting small enterprises on this day goes beyond transactions; it becomes an investment in the well-being and vitality of the community.

Exploring Additional Gains from Small Business Saturday

Beyond its immediate economic impact, Small Business Saturday brings forth a range of supplementary benefits that extend beyond the transactional realm. This initiative not only supports local economies but also contributes to community vibrancy, fosters unique personal connections, and celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Let’s delve into some of the additional advantages that Small Business Saturday brings to the forefront.

Promoting Local Economies

At the core of Small Business Saturday lies its profound impact on local economies. When consumers actively choose to patronize small businesses, they are essentially investing in the prosperity of their own communities. These local enterprises frequently play a vital role in supporting community initiatives, employing residents from the area, and contributing to the development of a distinctive local identity.

Cultivating Meaningful Connections

Small Business Saturday extends beyond mere transactions, fostering meaningful personal connections. Shopping at a small business often involves direct interaction with the business owner, creating a more personalized and engaging experience for customers. This not only elevates the act of shopping but also forges a stronger bond between businesses and their clientele.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Small businesses serve as hubs of creativity and innovation. Their diverse array of products and services injects a unique and vibrant flavor into the market. Small Business Saturday serves as a spotlight, illuminating the entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging consumers to explore the wealth of creativity thriving in their local communities. By supporting these enterprises, individuals actively contribute to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring a dynamic and thriving local business landscape.

Who Takes Part in Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is all about encouraging people to shop at small, local businesses. These businesses can be of different types, like stores where you buy things, places to eat, and other small spots like hair salons, grocery stores, and businesses that offer services.

It also includes small businesses that are on the Internet. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a wide definition of what a small business is. According to them, any business that usually has fewer than 500 employees is considered small.

If you want to find small businesses in your area to support on Small Business Saturday (and throughout the year), American Express has a tool on the internet to help. It’s called the Shop Small map, and it shows different kinds of businesses that are part of the event. You can visit these businesses in person or buy things from them online. It’s a way to discover and support the small businesses around you!

How to join Small Business Saturday as a shopper or business owner

As a shopper, the best way to be a part of Small Business Saturday is to buy things from local businesses and tell your friends and family to do the same. This means shopping at nearby stores and supporting small businesses that sell things online, like online shops or businesses that provide services through the internet.

You can even use the #ShopSmall hashtag on social media to tell others about the event. If you run a small business and want to take part in Small Business Saturday, American Express has tools to help you.

They give out things like posters and signs that you can use in your store if you have a physical shop, as well as digital materials for marketing online. And guess what? It’s all free if you’re a business that takes American Express cards.

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Small business owners can also do a few more things to get ready for the event:

  • Have special sales: Make deals to get people to spend money on Small Business Saturday.
  • Use email to tell customers: Send emails to let your customers know about the special things you’re doing for Small Business Saturday.
  • Give special deals: Offer discounts or promotions to make customers want to shop with you.
  • Work with other small businesses: Team up with other small businesses to tell more people about Small Business Saturday.

American Express doesn’t just help with marketing; they also give special discounts and promotions to help businesses save money. They also help businesses figure out what people like to buy on Small Business Saturday, so shops can plan the best sales events.

Small Business Saturday also gets help from Neighborhood Champions. These are groups that support Small Business Saturday in local areas. Some of these groups include local libraries, visitor centers, chambers of commerce, and other local business associations.

Neighborhood Champions can organize their own events to tell people about Small Business Saturday and get them excited to shop at small businesses. If you want to help, you can volunteer with one of these groups in your area. It’s a great way to be part of supporting small businesses on this special day!

In Conclusion

Small Business Saturday transcends its position as a mere date on the calendar; it stands as a dynamic movement, paying tribute to the lifeblood of our communities—small businesses. These enterprises contribute to the unique fabric of our neighborhoods, infusing them with character, diversity, and innovation.

With each approaching Small Business Saturday, it’s crucial to recognize the significant impact we wield by consciously choosing to support these local businesses, the unsung heroes that make our communities not only survive but thrive.

This yearly event serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power embedded in our purchasing choices. By opting to shop at local businesses, we become catalysts for positive change, fostering an environment where small businesses not only survive but flourish.

In doing so, we actively contribute to strengthening the ties that make our communities truly exceptional. So, as Small Business Saturday approaches, let’s embrace the opportunity to be agents of support, realizing that our choices can fuel a ripple effect of empowerment, resilience, and communal pride. Together, we can make a lasting impact and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of our local communities.


What is the Meaning of Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is a yearly event designed to motivate shoppers to support local businesses, both in physical stores and online. This event occurs each November, presenting a valuable chance for small businesses to boost their sales, particularly during the busy holiday shopping season.

What Should I Post on Social Media on Small Business Saturday?

To maximize your impact on Small Business Saturday, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Limited-Time Followers’ Discount: Offer an exclusive discount on your products or services to the first “x” number of new followers on your social media platforms. This special promotion creates a sense of urgency, encouraging potential customers to engage with your business on this significant day.
  • Collaborate with Bloggers or Influencers: Reach out to bloggers or social media influencers within your industry and ask them to feature your store in a roundup blog post. Their endorsement can introduce your business to a wider audience and add credibility to your brand. Ensure they use popular Small Business Saturday hashtags like #SmallBizSaturday, #SmallBusinessSaturday, and #ShopSmall to maximize visibility.
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By combining these tactics, you can create a buzz around your business, attract new customers, and leverage the community-driven spirit of Small Business Saturday for increased visibility and sales.

Why are Consumers Excited about Small Business Saturday?

In 2010, American Express launched the Small Business Saturday campaign with the aim of urging holiday shoppers to actively support local small businesses. Over the years, it has evolved into a mom-and-pop counterpart to Black Friday, standing out as a distinctive alternative to the shopping frenzy dominated by massive national and multinational corporations.

Small Business Saturday emphasizes the importance of backing community enterprises and celebrating the unique contributions of local businesses during the holiday season.

How do Small Businesses Attract Attention?

Having a strong logo, providing excellent customer service, and offering outstanding products and services are all essential elements that contribute to the profitability and success of your brand. However, it’s content marketing that plays a pivotal role in keeping your business at the forefront of customers’ minds.

Content marketing not only adds value for both new and existing consumers but also creates a channel for ongoing communication, allowing you to engage and interact with your customers in a meaningful way. It serves as a dynamic tool to establish and maintain a connection with your audience, contributing to the long-term sustainability and growth of your business.

How do Companies Keep Customers Happy?

Successful entrepreneurs understand that maintaining customer satisfaction is crucial, often more significant than continuously acquiring new ones. Acknowledge and reward customer loyalty by offering discounts, complimentary products, additional services, or other bonuses that convey your appreciation.

These gestures not only demonstrate gratitude but also cultivate a positive customer experience, fostering a relationship where customers feel valued and inclined to speak positively about your business. In essence, prioritizing customer happiness and recognizing their loyalty becomes a key strategy in building a strong and enduring reputation for your brand.

Why do People Care about Small Businesses?

Backing small businesses is vital for a thriving economy, job creation, and community contentment. When you choose to support local and small businesses, you play a role in promoting the well-being and joy of your neighbors, friends, and family.

Whether you’re making purchases online or in physical stores, the support you provide to small businesses makes a meaningful impact. It not only helps sustain local economies but also fosters a sense of community satisfaction, reinforcing the interconnectedness of individuals within a neighborhood or town.


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