Here is a detailed and thorough manual outlining the step-by-step process of obtaining an online loan from UBA Bank through the utilization of the UBA Bank USSD code. Securing financial assistance through UBA Bank’s online platform has become a convenient and streamlined process, thanks to the user-friendly UBA Bank USSD code.

You can secure a quick and hassle-free loan of up to ₦5 million from UBA by simply utilizing a designated code! Accessible through Click Credit via USSD, Leo, or the UBA app, this efficient borrowing method ensures swift and convenient access to the funds you require.

UBA Bank USSD Code *919# to Unlock Quick Cash

This guide aims to walk you through the entire procedure, ensuring a clear understanding of each step involved in borrowing money from UBA Bank.

Exploring UBA’s Diverse Loan Options

  • Click Credit: Accessible through the UBA Bank USSD code, the UBA mobile app, or the virtual assistant, Leo, Click Credit stands out as a swift and convenient loan solution. Offering a maximum amount of ₦5 million, this option provides borrowers with the flexibility of easy access and repayment terms tailored to individual financial capabilities.
  • Personal Loan: Tailored for salary earners, UBA’s Personal Loan option extends financial assistance of up to ₦50 million. This substantial loan comes with longer repayment periods, accommodating borrowers with varying financial needs. It’s important to note that the application process for a Personal Loan involves visiting a UBA branch, ensuring a personalized and thorough assessment.
  • Other Loan Products: UBA goes beyond personal loans, catering to a diverse range of financial requirements. Businesses, students, and individuals seeking asset financing can explore UBA’s array of specialized loan products. These offerings are designed to address specific needs, providing tailored financial solutions for ventures, education, and asset acquisition.
  • Business Loans: UBA offers financial support to businesses through targeted loan products. Whether for expansion, working capital, or specific projects, businesses can find suitable loan options to fuel their growth.
  • Education Loans: Understanding the importance of education, UBA provides loans specifically tailored for educational purposes. This includes funding for tuition fees, books, and other related expenses, ensuring that individuals can pursue their academic goals without financial constraints.
  • Asset Financing: Individuals and businesses looking to acquire assets such as vehicles, equipment, or property can explore UBA’s asset financing options. These loans are designed to facilitate the acquisition of valuable assets, promoting economic growth and development.
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UBA offers a comprehensive suite of loan products, ranging from the quick and accessible Click Credit to substantial Personal Loans and specialized offerings for businesses, education, and asset financing. Understanding the distinct features and application processes associated with each option empowers individuals and businesses to make informed choices based on their unique financial needs.

To Commence a UBA loan application, follow these steps

  • Visit the UBA Website: Navigate to the UBA website on your web browser. This webpage serves as the portal for accessing information and resources related to UBA’s loan offerings and payment options.
  • Download the Loan Application Form: Once on the website, locate and download the loan application form. Ensure to carefully review the form, understand the specified requirements, and provide accurate information. Thoroughly completing the form is crucial for a successful application.
  • Complete the Specified Requirements: Meticulously fill out the loan application form, adhering to the specified requirements. This may include personal details, financial information, and any other documentation deemed necessary for the loan application process. Accuracy and completeness enhance the efficiency of the application process.
  • Visit the Nearest UBA Branch: After completing the application form, proceed to the nearest UBA branch to submit your application in person. Visiting a branch ensures that your application receives personal attention and that any additional queries or clarifications can be addressed promptly.
  • Seek Assistance from Customer Care: Throughout the application process, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the customer care agents at the UBA branch. They are there to guide you, answer any questions, and facilitate a smooth application experience. Their expertise can be valuable in ensuring that all necessary documents are provided and that your application is submitted accurately.

By following these steps and leveraging the support of customer care agents, you can initiate your UBA loan application with confidence, increasing the likelihood of a successful and expedited approval process.

Steps to Borrow Money Using the UBA Bank USSD Codes

Click Credit

Using USSD Code

  • Dial 91928# on your registered phone number.
  • Select “Click Credit.”
  • Choose “Apply for Loan.”
  • Enter your desired loan amount.
  • Confirm details and accept the terms.
  • Receive a loan offer SMS.
  • Reply “YES” to accept the offer.
  • Funds will be disbursed to your account instantly.

Through Leo

  • Send “Loan” to Leo on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other supported platforms.
  • Select “Click Credit.”
  • Follow the prompts to apply and receive funds.

Using Mobile App

  • Log in to the UBA Mobile App.
  • Navigate to “Click Credit.”
  • Follow the prompts to apply and receive funds.

Personal Loan

  • Visit a UBA branch with the required documents (payslip, bank statement, employer letter).
  • Complete a loan application form.
  • The loan officer will assess eligibility and process the application.
  • Upon approval, sign an offer letter outlining terms and conditions.
  • The loan will be disbursed into your salary account within 48 hours.

These step-by-step procedures offer convenient ways to access funds through Click Credit, whether via the UBA Bank USSD code, Leo, or the UBA mobile app. For Personal Loans, a visit to a UBA branch with the necessary documentation ensures a thorough application process, culminating in the timely disbursement of the approved loan amount.

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Eligibility and Requirements for UBA Bank Loans

Click Credit

To be eligible for Click Credit, ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Active UBA Account: Maintain an active UBA account for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Consistent Account Activity: Demonstrate regular account activity with consistent deposits.
  • Good Credit History: Maintain a positive credit history with UBA to enhance eligibility.

Personal Loan

For eligibility in obtaining a Personal Loan from UBA, adhere to the following requirements:

  • Salary Account with UBA: Possess a salary account with UBA, which has been active for at least 6 months.
  • Minimum Monthly Salary: Ensure a minimum monthly salary inflow of ₦100,000 into your UBA salary account.
  • Employment Letter: Provide a valid employment letter from your company as part of the documentation process.

Meeting these eligibility criteria and providing the necessary documentation enhances your chances of successfully accessing Click Credit or a Personal Loan from UBA. It’s essential to maintain an active and positive banking relationship, as demonstrated by consistent account activity and adherence to the specified requirements.

Interest Rates and Repayment

  • Interest Rates
    • Interest rates vary based on the specific loan product and individual factors.
    • Click Credit typically features higher interest rates, reflecting its quick and convenient nature.
  • Repayment
    • Repayment is typically structured through monthly installments automatically deducted from your account.
    • Some loans may offer early repayment options, allowing borrowers to settle the loan before the agreed-upon tenure.
  • Additional Information
    • Loan approval is contingent upon UBA’s credit assessment policies, ensuring responsible lending practices.
    • Before accepting a loan, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions outlined by UBA.
  • Responsibility and Timely Repayments
    • Use borrowed funds responsibly and adhere to the agreed-upon repayment schedule.
    • Timely repayments are vital for maintaining a positive credit history, which can be beneficial for future borrowing.
    • Contact UBA Customer Care for Assistance

For further assistance and clarifications, contact UBA customer care at +234 1 280 8822.

Important Considerations

  • Borrow only what you can comfortably afford to repay to avoid financial strain.
  • Before committing to a loan, compare interest rates and terms from different lenders for an informed decision.
  • Utilize loans for productive purposes that generate income or improve your overall financial situation.
  • Avoid borrowing for unnecessary expenses or impulse purchases to maintain financial discipline.
  • Manage debt wisely to prevent potential financial hardship and ensure sustainable financial health.

All UBA Bank USSD Code To Apply For A UBA Loan

Transaction Details UBA Bank USSD Codes
Open a new UBA account*919*3*Account number*Amount#
Transfer to other accounts*919*4*Account Number#
Transfer to Uba account*919*20#
Buy data for yourself*919*20#
Buy data for others*919*14* person’s Phone number#
Buy Airtime for yourself *919*Amount#
Buy Airtime for others *919*Phone number*Amount#
Pay bills*919*5#
Check Your Balance *919*00#
Get a UBA Prepaid Card*919*32#
Retrieve Your BVN*919*18#
Block Your Debit Card*919*10#
ATM cardless withdrawals*919*30*Amount#
Generate OTP*919*8#
Self-enrollment registration*919*0#
Get Bank statements*919*21#
Data top-up*919*23#
Taxes and Levies*919*13#
Bet9ja wallet funding *919*22*walletID*amount#
Top up LLC e-tag*919*16*2#
Check LLC e-tag balance*919*16*1#
Konga payment*919*15*RefID#
Dstv and Gotv payment *919*5*2#
Oak pensions*919*27*2#
ARM pensions*919*27*1#
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In Conclusion

This article serves as a thorough guide to navigating the process of borrowing money from UBA Bank, presenting a detailed overview of diverse loan options, including Click Credit, Personal Loan, and other specialized offerings.

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We meticulously explain the application procedures, highlighting the convenience of using the UBA Bank USSD Code, engaging with Leo, or utilizing the mobile app. Additionally, it provides insight into the essential eligibility requirements for each loan option.

Throughout the guide, there is a consistent emphasis on responsible borrowing practices. It recommends careful consideration of interest rates and underscores the significance of comprehending the terms and conditions associated with each loan before acceptance.

The ultimate goal is to empower users to make informed decisions and foster a financially responsible approach to borrowing. We conclude by encouraging borrowers to utilize the borrowed funds judiciously and underscoring the importance of maintaining a positive credit history.

Timely repayments are highlighted as a key factor in achieving this, ensuring not only the successful completion of the loan but also the potential for future financial opportunities. As users navigate the borrowing landscape, the article serves as a valuable resource, offering guidance on prudent financial decision-making and responsible credit management.


How Do I Activate My UBA Bank USSD Code?

Here is the UBA Bank USSD code for the self-enrolment and registration process.

To begin, dial the UBA mobile banking code *919#. Follow these steps:

  • Select option “1” for registration.
  • Choose whether to register with your UBA account or prepaid card.
  • Enter your UBA 10-digit account number or prepaid card number, depending on your initial choice.
  • Input a 4-digit PIN, which can be either the last four digits of your BVN (Bank Verification Number) or the last four digits of your UBA debit card.
  • Confirm the entered PIN.

For more detailed information, you can refer to: UBA Transfer Codes: Money Transfers in UBA Banks

What is the UBA Bank USSD Code to Check Account Balance?

To check your balance, dial 91900# on your registered phone.

How Can I Use the UBA Bank USSD Code without an ATM Card?

For a cardless withdrawal, dial 91930*Amount# to obtain a cash withdrawal code. Alternatively, you can generate a code directly from your mobile app.

How Do I Recharge My UBA Bank Using the UBA Bank USSD Code?

The UBA recharge code for purchasing airtime is *919#. To streamline and expedite the process, dial 919amount you wish to spend on airtime# on your phone. Please ensure that you perform this transaction using the mobile number linked to your UBA account.

Can I Have two UBA Bank Accounts?

When you enroll for UBA’s Internet Banking service, you have the option to specify which accounts you want to access over the Internet. With Internet Banking, you can choose to have access to multiple accounts using a single user ID, providing a convenient and centralized way to manage your various accounts online.

How Can I Check My UBA Bank Account Balance through SMS?

To initiate the process, dial *919# on your mobile phone using the number linked to your UBA bank account. Following this action, you will receive an SMS pop-up from UBA bank, extending a welcome message and confirming your access to their services.


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