Victor Osimhen hails from the Esan tribe, specifically in the southern region of Edo State, Nigeria. Born on December 29th, 1998, he is presently 25 years old. Osimhen has gained recognition as a formidable professional football player, particularly as one of Europe’s most powerful strikers.

His impact on the football scene has been substantial, with a notable achievement of being the first African player to secure the prestigious Ligue 1 Top Scorer award.

Victor Osimhen 4 Untold Stories

This article delves into the intricate details of Osimhen’s life, shedding light on his family background and the remarkable journey of his career. From his early days to the present, we explore the factors that have shaped him into the accomplished athlete and history-making footballer he is today.

What is the Birthplace of Victor Osimhen?

Victor Osimhen was born in Lagos state, Nigeria, on December 29th, 1998, to Patrick Osimhen and his late wife. Details about his parents’ occupations remain undisclosed, as the footballer has been private about his family background.

During his early years, Victor grew up in Olusosun, a small neighborhood near Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. Raised in a large family of six, he faced a challenging childhood, navigating daily struggles to ensure everyone had enough to eat.

His siblings even engaged in selling sachet water on the streets of Lagos, a means of survival that their mother was familiar with. The family’s financial difficulties were evident to the extent that Victor’s elder brother had to discontinue his education.

Regarding his schooling, Victor attended Olusosun Primary School, where students and neighborhood kids typically gathered on the school field every evening. However, information about the secondary school he attended remains undisclosed. It is also unclear whether he pursued university education, given the challenges his family faced during his upbringing.

The Origin State of Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen originates from the Esan South Local Government Area of Edo State. The Esan people are believed to be descendants of Bini migrants who fled the renowned Bini Empire during a period of internal disorder between the 12th and 14th century A.D.

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Edo State, located in the South–South geopolitical zone of Nigeria, was officially formed in 1991 from the northern part of Bendel State. Benin serves as the capital, and the state is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, as well as its notable contributions to sports and athletics. Edo state is home to various ethnic groups, including Esans, Owans, Afemais, Edos, and Akoko Edos.

Among the notable personalities from the Esan tribe are Dj Sose, Nancy Isime, Adesua Etomi, and the Nigerian professional football forward Odion Ighalo.


Despite Victor Osimhen’s roots in the South-southern part of Nigeria, he predominantly spends his time in the southwestern region. Although he makes occasional visits to his home state, the majority of his investments and career-related activities take place in Lagos state, where his family resides.

In June 2023, the football striker took a trip down memory lane by visiting his primary school in the Oregun area of Ikeja. During this visit, he connected with his former teachers and even stepped into his old classroom. During his brief holidays, the 54-year-old striker prioritizes meeting with his old schoolmates in Lagos, often joining them for friendly matches.

Which Ethnic Group Does Victor Osimhen Belong To?

Osimhen is a member of the Esan tribe and, like others in the tribe, he converses in the Esan language, which has only minor dialectical differences from the pure Bini language. Although the extent of his fluency in the language is uncertain, given his upbringing, it’s evident that he communicates effectively with his Esan community.

In addition to his proficiency in Esan, Osimhen is also conversant in the Yoruba language. This is a result of his many years of residing in Lagos state, where Yoruba is the predominant language. Moreover, it’s likely that, throughout his football career, the young athlete has acquired knowledge of various other languages, including German and Italian.

Victor Osimhen Football Career

Victor Osimhen embarked on his senior football career in 2017 with VfL Wolfsburg in Germany. After spending a season and a half with the club, he ventured on loan to the Belgian side Charleroi in 2018–19. Subsequently, he made a notable move to Ligue 1, joining Lille, where he showcased his skills by scoring eighteen goals in his single season with the French club.

In 2020, Osimhen made a significant transfer to Serie A’s Napoli, setting a club record with a €70 million fee. His remarkable contributions earned him the Serie A Best Young Player award in the 2021–22 season. The following campaign saw him excel further, finishing as the league’s top scorer with 26 goals, a record high for an African player.

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This outstanding performance played a crucial role in Napoli securing their first Serie A title in 33 years. For his exceptional efforts, Osimhen not only received the league’s Best Striker award but was also honored as Serie A Footballer of the Year a few months later.


Presently, he holds the title of the highest-scoring African player in Serie A’s history. Osimhen’s achievements extend to the international stage, having won the Golden Boot at the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup, where Nigeria emerged victorious.

He made his senior international debut in June 2017 and represented Nigeria at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019 and 2023. As of now, he stands as the joint-third all-time highest goalscorer for the Nigeria national team. Recognizing his impact, President Muhammadu Buhari bestowed upon Osimhen the title of Member of the Federal Republic on May 29, 2023.

Within the domain of individual accolades, Osimhen secured the eighth position at the 2023 Ballon d’Or ceremony, marking the first time a Nigerian player entered the top ten of this prestigious French award. Additionally, he was honored as the African Footballer of the Year at the 2023 CAF Awards, becoming the first Nigerian recipient of this accolade since Nwankwo Kanu in 1999.

In Conclusion

Victor Osimhen’s untold stories unveil a journey of resilience, triumphs, and historical accomplishments. From his humble beginnings in Lagos, where he and his siblings faced adversity, to his rise in the football world, Osimhen’s story is one of determination and dedication.

His transition from German club VfL Wolfsburg to the heights of Serie A with Napoli speaks volumes about his skill and adaptability. Osimhen’s impact extends beyond the football pitch, earning him recognition not only as a prolific striker but also as a symbol of national pride for Nigeria.

His achievements, such as winning the Serie A title with Napoli and clinching individual awards, mark him as a trailblazer in African football. The untold chapters of his life, including his family background and early struggles, add depth to the narrative of a player who has become an inspiration to aspiring athletes.

As Victor Osimhen continues to make history and break barriers, his untold stories serve as a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and resilience in the pursuit of one’s dreams. His journey is a reminder that behind every successful athlete lies a compelling narrative that goes beyond the goals scored and trophies lifted.


Where Did Victor Osimhen Grow Up in Lagos?

Victor Osimhen, the currently crowned CAF Player of the Year, was born and raised in one of the houses in the Olusosun community. His remarkable journey from humble beginnings to the international football stage is widely known among football enthusiasts worldwide.

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The Napoli striker, born to economically disadvantaged parents, has always been open about the challenges he faced during his childhood. Osimhen’s story is a testament to his resilience and determination, inspiring many with his rise from grass to grace.

How Did Victor Osimhen Started his Football Career?

Osimhen’s skill didn’t remain unnoticed for an extended period. At 14 years old, he caught the attention of scouts and was recruited into the Ultimate Strikers Academy in Lagos. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of his journey towards excellence. Osimhen’s defining breakthrough occurred during the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile.

Which Football Academy did Victor Osimhen Join?

During his teenage years, Osimhen became a part of the Ultimate Strikers Academy in Lagos, a football academy renowned for nurturing talented players, among them notable Nigerians like Odion Ighalo and Isaac Success. It was within the confines of this academy that Osimhen’s exceptional talent started to emerge, capturing the interest of scouts from various European clubs.

Why Does Victor Osimhen Wear a Mask?

Victor Osimhen wears a mask primarily for protective reasons. The 24-year-old Nigerian international underwent facial surgery following a collision with Inter Milan defender Skriniar during a Serie A match in October 2021. Since recovering from the injury, Osimhen continues to wear the mask as a precautionary measure to safeguard his face.

How Much is Victor Osimhen’s Salary in Nigeria?

Victor Osimhen, the African Footballer of the Year, has recently inked a fresh contract that ties him to Napoli until 2026. The terms of the new deal include an annual salary of N9.9 billion (10 million euros), translating to a monthly earning of N830 million for the U-17 World Cup winner.


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