The WordPress affiliate plugin developed by Wecantrack serves as an affiliate link tracking and attribution tool. It seamlessly processes and assigns affiliate conversion data, allowing integration with the publisher’s marketing tools. The plugin monitors website sessions and clicks, automatically inserting unique click IDs into affiliate URLs upon each click occurrence.

Maximize the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing endeavors by leveraging the powerful features of the WordPress affiliate plugin. This dynamic tool is designed to enhance and streamline your affiliate marketing strategy, ensuring that you get the most out of every campaign.

WordPress Affiliate Plugin to Boost Your Affiliate ROI

The Wecantrack WordPress affiliate plugin empowers you to fine-tune and optimize various aspects of your affiliate program. From tracking and analyzing performance metrics to seamlessly integrating with your existing WordPress setup, this plugin provides a comprehensive solution for affiliate marketing success.

Optimize Affiliate Marketing with this WordPress Plugin

Effortlessly manage your affiliate links and monitor their performance in real-time. The plugin’s intuitive interface allows you to track clicks, conversions, and commissions with precision, giving you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and tailor your strategies based on data-driven analytics. With the ability to customize affiliate URLs and attribute conversions accurately, the WordPress affiliate plugin ensures that you have complete control over your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Enjoy the flexibility to adapt and refine your approach, maximizing revenue and optimizing ROI. Furthermore, the WordPress affiliate plugin seamlessly integrates with popular marketing tools, providing a cohesive experience for publishers.

Connect with your preferred analytics, email marketing, and CRM platforms effortlessly, streamlining your workflow and enhancing overall efficiency. Take your affiliate marketing to new heights with the WordPress affiliate plugin – a versatile and user-friendly solution designed to empower you in achieving your marketing goals. Optimize, analyze, and thrive in the competitive landscape of affiliate marketing with confidence and ease.

What Does the Wecantrack WordPress Affiliate Plugin Do

The Wecantrack WordPress Affiliate Plugin is a powerful tool designed to elevate your affiliate marketing endeavors. This intuitive plugin enables effortless management of affiliate links, providing real-time monitoring of their performance and so on:

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Automatic Tracking & Attribution

Enable automatic tracking and attribution effortlessly with Wecantrack. With integrations spanning over 300 affiliate networks, publishers can seamlessly link their affiliate network accounts to the system by providing API credentials or generating a Postback URL.

The conversion data is intricately traced back to traffic data through the click IDs embedded in affiliate URLs by the plugin. This streamlined process ensures accurate attribution, providing publishers with a comprehensive overview of their affiliate marketing performance.

Google Analytics Integration

For seamless integration of your affiliate conversion data into Google Analytics, the WordPress plugin is the optimal choice. Thanks to automated tracking and attribution, the affiliate plugin system gathers all the necessary information to seamlessly integrate your conversion data into your Google Analytics account.

Activating the Google Analytics Integration feature is as simple as clicking a single button, providing you with a swift and efficient solution to enhance your analytics capabilities.

Ad Network Integration

Elevate the efficiency of your paid ad campaigns across various networks with the affiliate-tracking WordPress plugin. Ensure seamless integration of your conversion data into prominent ad networks, including

Google Ads
Microsoft Ads
Facebook Ads
TikTok Ads

Moreover, if you aim to integrate your affiliate conversion data into Google Analytics, the WordPress plugin is the ideal solution. Leveraging automated tracking and attribution, the affiliate plugin system collects all the necessary information for a smooth integration of your conversion data into your Google Analytics account.

Activate the Google Analytics Integration feature effortlessly with just one click, streamlining your analytics process for enhanced insights and optimization.

Automatic Affiliate Link Cloaking

Experience hassle-free affiliate link cloaking with the WordPress plugin. Upon installation and activation, the plugin seamlessly and automatically cloaks all your affiliate links, utilizing your website’s root domain for redirection. No manual effort is required to create cloaked links, streamlining the process for your convenience.

Additionally, the WordPress affiliate plugin plugin provides the flexibility to leave affiliate links uncloaked. In such cases, our system embeds click IDs directly into the affiliate links, ensuring tracking accuracy.

If you’re currently using standard cloaking tools like Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, Redirection, Affiliate Links Lite, Lasso, etc., rest assured—the plugin is fully compatible. It seamlessly integrates with these tools, allowing the placement of click IDs during the redirect process. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition for users already employing established cloaking methods.

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Pros of Cloaking Affiliate Links

  • Appear More Trustworthy: Cloaked affiliate links using your website’s root domain present a more trustworthy and professional appearance compared to raw affiliate URLs, instilling confidence in your audience.
  • Hide Sensitive Information: Cloaking allows you to conceal any potentially sensitive information within the affiliate link, providing an added layer of security.
  • Accepted by Ad Networks: Ad networks often readily accept cloaked affiliate links, especially when the root domain is utilized, facilitating smoother integration into advertising campaigns.

Cons of Cloaking Affiliate Links

  • Additional Redirect Involved: Cloaking typically involves an additional redirect, which may slightly impact page load times and user experience.
  • Not Compatible with Some Ad Network Policies: Certain ad networks have policies against the use of cloaked links, and using them may lead to non-compliance with those specific network guidelines.
  • Disapproved Ads if Different Domains Are Used: If cloaking involves the use of different domains, some ad networks may disapprove ads due to discrepancies between the displayed domain and the landing page domain. It’s essential to align with ad network policies to avoid potential issues.

In Conclusion

Easily monitor affiliate link clicks on your WordPress website with Wecantrack. The platform addresses common challenges faced by publishers in click and sales tracking, offering seamless integration with various marketing tools and ad networks.

Now, effortlessly track affiliate link clicks, assess their performance, and quantify the revenue they generate for your business. This critical information empowers you to make data-driven decisions regarding your offers, landing pages, and the affiliate products you’re promoting.

No more guesswork – with wecantrack, you gain certainty. The software, paired with the WordPress plugin, diligently tracks sessions and clicks on your website. What sets us apart is the ability to align these sessions and clicks with commission data from affiliate networks.

This means you can precisely identify which affiliate offers and clicks lead to sales, eliminating the need for bids or tedious manual addition of parameters to your affiliate URLs. Achieving WordPress affiliate click tracking has never been easier, allowing you to optimize your WordPress affiliate website and elevate your performance to new heights!


What is a WordPress Affiliate Plugin?

Earn commissions on referred users effortlessly with built-in functionality, and access both free and premium integrations compatible with today’s leading e-commerce and other systems. The Affiliates plugin offers a comprehensive affiliate system suitable for sellers, shops, distributors, blogs, membership sites, microsites for product launches, and various other platforms.

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Do I Need a Wecantrack Account to Use the Affiliate Plugin?

To utilize the services, you’ll need a wecantrack account, and the process of creating one is free. Once your account is set up, you can locate an API key within it. This API key is essential for establishing a connection, and you’ll need to input it into the WordPress affiliate plugin to enable seamless integration.

Why are not all My Conversions Being Registered in Google Analytics

Affiliate conversion data in Google Analytics containing the click IDs can only be integrated by us. Therefore, if the software has been recently installed, it should be noted that old clicks may still convert due to cookie duration. However, the growth of attribution and integration coverage is expected to occur rapidly in the following weeks.

If clicks are not being registered by the system, an issue may be present, potentially related to link cloaking, caching of outgoing URLs, or URL patterns not yet available in the system. In such instances, contact us, and an investigation will be conducted to identify and address the issue.

How Many Websites Can I Connect to Wecantrack Affiliate Plugin?

The WordPress affiliate plugin system allows for the connection of as many websites as desired. The pricing plans are solely determined by the performance data and the number of network accounts, ensuring that the pricing is unaffected by the number of websites (with only their performance contributing to the pricing).

Can I Use Affiliate Links on Free WordPress?

Affiliate links can indeed be placed on your free WordPress blog. No restrictions are preventing the promotion of affiliate links on a free blog. Additionally, you have the flexibility to promote your referral links via social media by posting links in groups, on your profile, or your business page.


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