JAMB regularization is a process introduced by JAMB to verify a candidate’s admission status by cross-referencing the information provided by the candidate with the records of a university. You can check whether you’ve been admitted using various methods, such as the JAMB portal and app.

JAMB is responsible for managing the admission process for Nigerian tertiary institutions. The regularization process is designed to identify and correct any discrepancies in the data of applicants who have been granted admission by a tertiary institution. It’s not limited to applicants from public universities; it also applies to students accepted into private universities.

JAMB Regularization Updates

In simpler terms, JAMB regularization ensures that the information given by a student matches the records of the university they are admitted to. This process helps maintain accuracy and fairness in the admission system, and it applies to both public and private universities.

What Does JAMB Regularization Entail?

JAMB Regularization is how the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) makes sure that the information provided by applicants matches the admission details given by the institution. They do this by checking their database.

The goal is to either confirm a direct entry for admission or to move forward with the necessary processes. When your admission information is aligned and verified between your institution and JAMB, it’s termed as ‘JAMB regularization.’

On the JAMB website, you might also see it mentioned as ‘illegitimate admission condonation’ or ‘the late application method.’ Essentially, it’s a process to ensure that everything is in order between what the candidate claims and what the institution acknowledges, and it provides a way for proper validation and approval of the admission status.

The Significance of the Regularization Procedure

People go through JAMB regularization for different reasons, but the main purposes of regularization are as follows:

  • Allowing Registration on the JAMB Portal: Regularization enables applicants who have been accepted into a university but do not have a previous record with JAMB to register on the JAMB portal. This is important for creating a comprehensive and accurate database of all admitted students.
  • Ensuring Up-to-Date Admission Details: The primary objective of regularization is to ensure that JAMB receives your latest admission details, which should align with your admission and registration records at the institution that offered you admission. This helps in maintaining accurate and current information about each student.
  • Preventing Issues with JAMB Admission Letter: The regularization process serves to eliminate situations where a student claims to have been offered admission but does not possess a JAMB admission letter. By going through the regularization process, the admission status is properly verified, and the necessary documentation can be provided, reducing the likelihood of discrepancies or misunderstandings.

Creating a JAMB Profile for Regularization: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a JAMB profile is straightforward; those facing difficulties can follow this simple step. Before you begin, make sure you have an email account. If you already have one, use it.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to the JAMB e-facility portal.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Create an account’ section and click on it.
  • Enter your email address accurately in the provided space, and fill in other requested details.
  • A verification link will be sent to your email address for confirmation.
  • Click on the verification link, and you will be directed to the JAMB page where you need to provide additional personal details before completing the sign-up.
  • Your email will be your username, and you will create a password to log in.

At this point, you have successfully created a JAMB profile on the e-facility portal. Now, you can proceed to request regularization for your JAMB profile and manage other important aspects of your JAMB profile.

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JAMB Regularization Cost: What You Need to Know

The cost of JAMB Regularization is N5,000 for admitted candidates. However, it’s important to note that additional charges may be incurred, such as those from cyber cafes or bank commissions.

If you opt for alternative payment methods like using an ATM, paying with cash at the bank, or using Quickteller, make sure to have the transaction ID ready as it will be necessary. You can check your payment status in the ‘My Payment Section’ on the portal.

After completing the payment, you will receive an SMS and an email containing your unique transaction identification and payment status. Following this, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Exam year
  • JAMB registration number

These details are crucial for the regularization process after the payment has been successfully made.

Checking Your JAMB Regularization Status: A Step-by-Step Guide

In addition to the group of individuals mentioned earlier who must go through the JAMB regularization process, it is crucial for all admitted students to regularly check their regularization status. This ensures that they can promptly address any issues and take the necessary steps if regularization is required.

Here are various methods to check the regularization status with the examination board:

Checking JAMB Regularization Status on e-Facility: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check your JAMB regularization status:

  • Visit the JAMB e-Facility Website: Login to the JAMB e-Facility website by either using the provided link or entering the web address in your browser.
  • Log In: Use the email address you used during registration and enter the verified password to access your account. If you haven’t registered on the website, click to register.
  • Navigate to the ‘Print Admission Letter’ Section: Scroll down to find the section labeled ‘Print Admission Letter’ and click on ‘click here to proceed.’
  • Enter Your JAMB Registration Number: Input your JAMB registration number in the designated space.
  • Check Admission Status: Click on ‘check admission status’ and patiently wait for the details to be displayed. Information such as your course of study, photograph, and name will be shown. If the accompanying message states ‘No Admission Offered Yet,’ it indicates that you need to regularize your admission with JAMB.

Verifying JAMB Regularization Status via Indemnity Form Link: Step-by-Step Guide

With this method, you can quickly check your regularization status by accessing your JAMB profile directly. Remember the indemnity form you printed after regularization, which you submitted to the school? You can now verify its approval status by following some provided steps.

Follow these instructions to check the progress of your regularization approval through the link in your Indemnity Form:

  • Visit the JAMB e-Facility Portal: Log in to the JAMB e-Facility portal using the email address you used during registration and your password.
  • Switch to Desktop Site Format or Use a Computer: If you are using your mobile browser, switch it to the desktop site format, or preferably, use a computer for better navigation.
  • Navigate to ‘My Indemnity Forms’: On the left side of your website dashboard, locate and click on ‘My Indemnity Forms.’
  • Select ‘Check Application Status’: You will see two links – ‘Print Indemnity Form’ and ‘Check Admission Status.’ Choose ‘Check Application Status.’

If the request replies indicate that it has not been approved yet, you may need to go through the JAMB regularization process again to ensure your admission is properly regularized.

Checking JAMB Regularization Status via Mobile App: Quick Guide

JAMB has developed a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing applicants to track their admission status and perform CAPS activities. You can use the mobile app to verify if your JAMB admission status reflects the changes made during the regularization process. The steps are similar to those provided above but tailored for the mobile app.

Here are the quick steps:

  • Download the JAMB CAPS App: Get the JAMB CAPS app from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.
  • Open the Mobile App: After downloading, open the mobile app on your device.
  • Log In: Sign in using the email address you used for registration on the JAMB website and your password.
  • Switch to Desktop Site Mode or Use a Computer: If you are on a mobile device, switch to desktop site mode or use a computer for better navigation.
  • Navigate to ‘Check Admission Status’: Scroll through the options in the app and find ‘Check Admission Status.’
  • Check the Notification: The app will display a notification confirming whether the regularization has been approved. If it shows ‘Not approved,’ it’s advisable to proceed with the regularization of your JAMB admission.
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Using the JAMB CAPS mobile app provides a convenient way to stay updated on your admission status and ensure that the regularization changes are accurately reflected.

Verifying JAMB Regularization Status via Recognized Email: Quick Guide

The most common way to confirm whether your regularization has been approved is by receiving a notification email from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Typically, JAMB will send a message to the email address you provided during your regularization application.

This email is essential for logging in to your JAMB profile, where you can perform various actions like printing the JAMB letter or actual JAMB result. Using this method, there’s no need to log in to the JAMB site actively.

Instead, you wait for the JAMB announcement and monitor your email inbox. It’s important to check both your inbox and spam folders since the email might sometimes be filtered as spam. If you suspect you might have missed the official JAMB notice among many notifications, follow these steps to double-check:

  • Access Your Email: Log in to the email address that you provided during the JAMB regularization process.
  • Use the Search Box: Scroll to the search box at the top of your inbox messages and click inside.
  • Enter “JAMB” in the Search Box: Input “JAMB” in the search box and press the enter button.

Review the Messages: You will see a list of all messages from JAMB. Carefully go through them to check if any contain an approval notice from JAMB regarding your regularization. This ensures you don’t miss any important communication regarding your admission status.

JAMB Regularization Requirements: What You Need to Complete the Process

To complete the regularization of your JAMB admission status, you need to meet the following important requirements:

  • JAMB Results: Provide the JAMB results for a candidate who already has a JAMB Registration Number.
  • O’level Results: Submit O’level results such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, or a combination of these, depending on the candidate’s academic qualifications.
  • Passport Photograph: Include a recent passport photograph in the required specifications.
  • Personal Information: Ensure the availability of the following personal details:
    • Date Of Birth
    • Email Address
    • Gender
    • GSM Number
    • Marital Status
    • Name
    • Origin
    • Previous JAMB Registration Number
    • Year Of Enrollment

These requirements are essential for the regularization process to be successful. Make sure all information is accurate and up-to-date to avoid any complications in the regularization of your JAMB admission status.

Completing JAMB Regularization: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a simplified step-by-step guide on how to complete the JAMB regularization process:

  • Log in to the JAMB e-facility Portal:
  • Select ‘Late (Retroactive) Application’:
    • Scroll and choose the ‘Late (Retroactive) Application’ option located on the sidebar.
    • Click on ‘Late Application’ from the options.
  • Generate Transaction ID:
    • After selecting ‘Late Application,’ a Transaction ID will be generated and displayed on the confirmation page.
    • Take note of the Transaction ID, displayed in bold red text. This ID will be emailed to your registered email address.
  • Payment:
    • If you choose to pay immediately, click the ‘Continue’ option.
    • Make the payment as per the instructions provided in the earlier section on ‘How Much is JAMB Regularization?’
  • Complete the Application Form:
    • Once payment is made, the application form will be presented.
    • Fill in all required information on the form carefully.
    • Click the submit section to complete the application.
  • Print Indemnity Form:
    • After submission, an indemnity form will be provided.
    • Print the form as it needs to be taken to the university that offered the admission for approval.
  • Submit to University for Approval:
    • Take the printed indemnity form to the university’s admission office for approval.
    • Your part ends here, as the institution will proceed with the submission of the approved form to the JAMB office.
  • JAMB Processing and Notification:
    • JAMB will process your application, and once approved, your information will be modified as requested.
    • You will be notified through your registered email address.

If you find the above steps challenging, you can also follow these steps to complete the process at a JAMB-accredited center or CyberCafe:

  • Visit a JAMB Accredited Center or CyberCafe:
    • Go to the nearest JAMB Accredited Center or CyberCafe.
  • Provide Requirements:
    • Provide all the requirements listed earlier.
  • Pay Regularization Charge:
    • Pay the regularization charge as specified by the center.
  • Assistance from JAMB Official:
    • A JAMB official will assist you in processing your JAMB regularization quickly.
  • After checking your details, the official will fill out the form.
    • Printout and Submission:
    • Get a printout after completing the form.
    • Submit the signed, printed form to your school’s admissions office (fees may apply).
  • Forwarding to JAMB Office:
    • Your institution will forward your application to the JAMB office in your state or Abuja.
  • JAMB Notification:
    • The JAMB authorities will notify you through your registered email address once the process is complete.
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Following these steps will help ensure a successful JAMB regularization process.

In Conclusion

The JAMB regularization admission letter serves as official confirmation from the board regarding the offer of admission to a candidate who has completed the regularization process. It’s a crucial document that is issued by the board after the regularization process has been successfully carried out.

The completion of the regularization process is a prerequisite for obtaining the admission letter, and it includes the candidate’s JAMB registration number, which will be utilized when the candidate proceeds to the educational institution.

The following categories of candidates are required to go through the JAMB regularization process:

  • Newly Admitted Candidates: Those who have recently been offered admission and possess JAMB registration numbers but do not have JAMB admission letters need to undergo the regularization process to obtain the admission letter.
  • Admitted Candidates without JAMB Registration: Candidates admitted without JAMB registration numbers must go through the JAMB regularization process to obtain an admission letter and a unique registration number. This category includes students admitted through channels that do not initially require a JAMB registration number, such as pre-degree programs.
  • Admitted Candidates through Change of Admission Letter: Candidates admitted with an admission letter showing a different course or institution name from the one that offered the admission need to undergo regularization. This is particularly relevant for those who have applied for a change of admission letter.

The JAMB regularization process is necessary for various scenarios, including new admissions, admissions without JAMB registration, and admissions involving changes in course or institution details. Completing the regularization process ensures that candidates receive the official JAMB admission letter, providing clarity and authenticity to their admission status.


How Long Does it Take to Get Regularized JAMB?

As per the matriculation board, they typically finish approving JAMB regularization within 24 hours after receiving the stamped indemnity forms from your schools.

How Much is JAMB Regularization in Nigeria?

The regularization process, also known as late application, comes with a cost of N5000. All students need to be aware that neglecting to apply for regularization renders admission in any JAMB-Approved Tertiary Institution invalid. This oversight can impede the successful completion of your academic degree.

What are the Benefits of JAMB Regularization?

JAMB regularization is an essential step for candidates who are admitted to tertiary institutions without going through the required JAMB registration. By completing the regularization process, these candidates can ensure a seamless and trouble-free academic journey.

Can I Do JAMB Regularization Twice?

JAMB regularization can be carried out twice, either independently, as an initial observation before submitting to the school, or as per the school’s instructions before the final submission of the first application to the JAMB office.

How Much is the New JAMB Registration Fee?

The registration fee for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is N7,700, which includes the Mock examination, or N6,200 for those opting not to take the Mock. JAMB also noted that the sale of application documents for foreign candidates is $30.

What Documents Do I Need for JAMB Regularization?

To regularize your admission status, obtain a JAMB regularization form from any JAMB office or the JAMB website. Complete the form and submit it along with necessary documents like your birth certificate, WAEC/NECO result, and admission letter.


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